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Backwards Upside-Down-Sweater

You sometimes get sick of your wardrobe. This sweater can be worn in four different ways, and will hopefully last longer before you forget all about it;) It is airy  and nice for Summer, and you´ll show off your tanned shoulders in it. If you wan more hold, you can sew a button at the top of the v-neck, to make sure it´s held more in place. We love it just the way it is!
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Pickels Organic Baby Cotton
350 (400) 450 g

Circular needles and DP needles US 7.
Circular needles US 5.

Gauge per 4"
15 s

Width middle
21 (25) 27.5”

Width bottom
17.7 (20) 22”

28.3 (30.7) 33”

Cast on 106 s on US 7 circular needles.

*Knit 8 rows back and forth in stockinette.
On the next row (from the right side) increase 12 s evenly.
Knit the next row from the wrong side in garter stitch.*
Repeat from * to *  4 times in total.
 Repeat the same paragraph 4 more times, but increase 6 stitches evenly on each row of increasement.

AT THE SAME TIME you´ll increase at the beginning and end of the row from starting from the beginning of the piece. On every row from the right side increase 1 s after the 1st stitch and before the last stitch 3 times in total. Increase in the same wasy every second row from the right side 4 more times.

When you´re done increasing, you´ll have 192 s.

Knit 2 rounds before working back and forth again to make room for the sleeves. Cut the thread.
Slip the next 48 s over to the right needles.

Knit the next 96 s back and forth in stockinette for 4.7".

Knit the remaining 96 s back and forth in stockinette for 4.7".

Start knitting in the round.

Change to US 5 needles when the piece is 28.7".
Knit 1 round while decreasing 20 s evenly.
Knit a rib, K1, P1 for 2”. Cast off.

Pick up 38 s around the sleeve hole.
Knit in stockinette for 10.6”.
Cast off.
Knit another sleeve.