Cabled vest

This cabled vest looks great on and is pretty easy to make. We like the roll collar. And the vest is suitable all year around for almost any occation:) You can knit it in cotton (see size 3-4 y below) or double stranded Merino Tweed (see size 5-6 y above).
1 (2) 3-4 (5-6) 7-8 (9-10) y
Size 2 y for free below. The rest can be bought here.

For warmer days:
Pickles Thin Organic Cotton
100 (150) 200 (200) 250 (300) g
For colder days:
Pickles Merino Tweed, double strands
100 (200) 200 (200) 300 (300) g

Circular needles 24” US 7.

Gauge per 4 “
17 s/24 rows

Measurements, lying flat:
Width: 10.2 (11.4) 12.6 (12.4) 14.1 (15)”
Full length: About 12.2 (13.3) 14.5 (15.7) 17 (18.1)”

The vest is knitted bottom up in the round.
Cast on 88 s in single strand cotton or double strand tweed.

Knit a rib in the round, K1, P1 for 1.2”.
Knit 1 round and increase 8 s evenly = 96 s.
Place a marker at the beginning of the round and after 48 s to mark the sides.

Continue by repeating this Pattern-round:
K 8, *P2 , K8*
Repeat from * to * 3 times in total, P2, knit the rest of the round.

On the 7th round you’ll knit a Cable-round like this:
K 8, *P2, slip 4 s on to a spare needle, place in front of work, knit the next 4 s on the left needle. Then knit the 4 s on the spare needle.*
Repeat from * to * 3 times in total, P2, knit the rest of the round.

Continue kniting 13 rounds as described under  Pattern-round between each Cable-round.
Cast off 4 s in each side, 2 s on each side of each marker as well as the 8 cable s in the middle on the next round= 16 s casted off, when the piece is about 8.2”. Please make sure to end after a round with an odd number (of the 13 rounds). This makes it easier to make the cables when starting knitting back and forth, as they will be made from the right side.
= 80 s
Front and back pieces
Knit the right front piece (= 18 s) back and forth while continuing the same pattern and cable pattern. Start from the right side. This means you have to purl the knit stitches and knit the purl stitches from the wrong side.
NOTE: To shape the vest towards the sleeves, you’ll K2tog on every row from the right side 2 times in total = 16 s.

Knit until the piece is about 13.3”. Consider where to end depending on the cables. It is not nice ending directly on a cable-row. Leave the s on a spare needle or scrap yarn for later.
Knit the other front piece in the same way, and make sure to K2tog towards the other arm on this piece, making it symmetrical.
Knit the 44 s for the back piece back and forth in stockinette. K2tog at the beginning and end on each row from the right side 2 times in total= 40 s.

Use kitchener’s stitch (look it up on youtube if you’re not familiar with it) to weave the shoulders together. Start from the far end of each shoulder, and weave until there are no s from the front pieces left.
Alternatively cast off and assemble.

Leave the s for the collar in the back. Use the same
circular needle, and pick up about 20 s along each of the vertical sides of the neck opening.
Knit back and forth for about 1.2” before casting off. Make sure to cast off according to the child’s head. Do not make it too tight.
Sew the bottom bits of the collar to the lower opening.

Sleeve edges
Pick up about 38 s around each sleeve hole. Knit a rib in the round, K1, P1 for about 1”. Cast off.


Cabled spinning vest

A while back we got hold of some gorgeous yarn from Spinn-Spinn. Tove, who runs the store, makes the yarn herself, and it’s hand dyed and hand spun. She even runs classes, if you feel like visiting Lillehammer this fall.

The yarn blew us away, and we’ve tried to use it in the best way possible. As it’s quite expensive, we’ve put it into projects mixed with other yarn. Here’s the first project - a cabled vest for cool boys and girls.
ca 60 g Paradis 2, 2 ply hand-spun Wensleydale yarn
2 balls cotton-angora

4"= 16 stitches / 24 rows


2 y

Circular needle US 8

Cast on 92 stitches in the grey colour. Knit in the round.
(Knit stripes with the hand spun yarn where you want to, we don’t state anything specific in the pattern)
K1, P1 for 0,8"
K 10, P 2, K 8, P 2, K 8, P 2, K 8, P 2, K 56
The round starts from the right side, seen from the front.
On the 7th round you start making a cable by knitting like this where you usually K 8.
Slip 4 stitches on to a new needle. Knit the following 4. Then slip the 4 stitches on the extra needle back on the main needle and knit.
Keep knitting one round with cables every 15th round.
Continue until the piece is 8.3".
Cast off for the arm opening like this:
Cast off 2, K 5, P 2, K 8, P 2, cast off 8, P 2 (The first purl is part of the casting off. Just make sure you purl where you have purled before), K 8, P 2, K 5, cast off 4, K 42, cast off 2.
Knit the right front piece back and forth; remember to purl where you knit in the back and vice versa. Continue making the cables in the same way as before.  Cast off when the piece is 13.7". Knit the other front piece and the back piece.

Assemble loose ends and sew the shoulders together.
Pick up 43 stitches around the neckline, but not along the lower opening, as you’ll attach the collar to this bit later on.
Knit stockinet 1.1". Cast off LOOSELY!! Make sure you consider your child’s head when you cast off, so it’s not too tight.

Pick up 38 stitches around the armhole. K1, P1 for 0.8". Cast off. Repeat on the other side. Finished!