Christmas calendar for sharing

It´s time to start waiting for christmas! What we really like about this christmas calendar is that it is big enough to put a little thing for everybody in. We fill it with sweat treats and small toys and the whole family come together for a nice little break every day in December.

Cut out 48 triangles from different christmas fabrics. The easiest is to cut out squares and then cut them in halves diagonally. Also cut pieces of silk ribbons, approximately 3" long, for hanging.

Fold the triangles right sides together and sew them together. (see illustration below) On half of the triangles you only want to leave an opening at the bottom (the ones you want to use as lining. You will turn through the hole later)

Remember to iron all seams. It is dead boring, we know, but will really pay off in the end.

Turn the triangle that is sewn all the way down right side out and put it into a lining triangle. (see illustration below) Also put the ribbon in there before you sew it together along the top. Sew all the way around the top edge here, not just over it. You want an opening at the top :)

Then turn the whole thing right side out and sew it at the bottom. This seam want be visible so you dont have to worry to much about getting it neat. Just fold in and sew. Then cut out numbers and glue on. We ironed vlieselin onto the fabric before we cut out the numbers, to prevent it from coming apart at the edges. Make another 23 and hang them on a cord, or maybe on the tree? Then start waiting!