Close cables cardigan

This easy to knit and almost assembly-free cardigan will be your best friend if you choose to knit it. Pickles Extrafine Merino and Pickles Silk Mohair makes a perfect combination; it´s super soft, looks sophisticated and falls just perfect. Some think Extra Fine Merino alone is too heavy, but combining it with the light silk mohair lifts it up and keeps it in shape when knitting on larger needles.

S/M can be bought here
7 balls Pickles Extrafine Merino or Pickles Cashmerino
4 or 8 balls Pickles Silk Mohair (depending on if you want to use single or double strands)
For S/M 5 Pickles Extrafine Merino or Pickles Cashmerino and 3/6 balls Pickles Silk Mohair
US 15 circular and dp needles
12 s = 4"

Cast on 204 stitches with a single strand Pickles Extra Fine Merino/Cashmerino and single or double strands of Pickles Silk Mohair. We like both combination, single strand SIlk Mohair will make the garment airyer. 
Knit back and forth.
 Knit 4 rows.
Start knitting this pattern:
K16)  – P2 – K16 – P2 - K16) - P6 - K16 – P2 - K16 – P2 - K16 – P2 - K16 – P2 - K16 – P6 - K16 – P2 - K16 – P2 - K16
From the other side you´ll knit where you´ve purled and purl where you´ve knit.

When you´ve knitted 20 rows like this, the first row of cable-knitting starts.
Whenever you reach one of the 16 knit stitches in a row, knit cable like this (purl the stitches in between like usual):

Put the first 8 stitches on a cable needle or just use a normal needle. Knit the next 8 stitches with the yarn in fron of the cable needle. Knit the first stitch firmly to avoid a hole in your work. Knit the 8 stitches on the cable needle (first stitch firmly as well) Repeat throughout the row.
Knit 24 normal rows before repeating the cable knitting again.
 Knit 11 more rows. On the next row you´ll knit until you reach the first interval of 6 purled stitches, cast them off for arm hole. Knit on until you´ve reached the next 6 purled stitches. Cast them off for arm hole. Finish the row.
 Turn and start knitting the first front piece (which ends at the arm hole).
Knit cables in row 24 like usual. Knit 14) more rown and cast off, but leave the 18 stitches on the chest-side  on a thread (for the front band).

Knit the back piece in the same manner. Cast off.

Knit the other front piece, and leave 18 stitches for the other front band. Assemble the shoulders.
Knit the front bands so they both are 4" long. Assemble uding the kitcheners stitch (or sew them neatly together).

Make the sleeves by picking up 38 stitches around the arm hole. Start right under the arm. Knit like this for 14 rounds:
 P 3, K16, P 2, K 16, P 3. Knit one round of cables over the 16 stitches like on the body.
Knit another 20 rows. Purl one round, knit one round and purl one round. Cast off.