Cool kids capris

Soft pants that´ll fit for 2 years. The first year as pants and the second as capris. The larger sizes have wider legs than the smaller ones.

0-3 m (6 m) 1 y (2 y)
Size 0-3 for free below. The rest can be bought here.

Pickles Thin Organic Cotton
50 (50) 100 (100) g of each stripe colour
50 g of the edge colour

16” and DP needles US 7

Gauge per 4”
17 s/23 rows

Measurements, lying flat
Waist: 9 (9.4) 8.8 (10.6)"
Length: About 10.6 (12.6) 14.6 (16.5)"

Cast on 76 s on circular needles US 7 using the colour for the edges.
The round starts in the back.
Place marker at the beginning of the round and with 19 s inbetween = 4 makers in total.

Knit stockinette for 1.7”
On the next round make holes for the cord like this:
K 34, K2tog, YO, K4, K2tog, YO, K 34

Knit and turn in the back to make the pants higher. Look it up on if you´re unfamiliar with knitting and turning.

K 5 s past the marker in the back, turn
P 5 s past the marker in the back, turn
Repeat the previous paragraph but turn after 10 s next time, and 15 s after that.
Knit in the round again.

Knit for another 0.6” before swapping to one of the stripe colours.
We knitted 5 and 5 rounds of each colour.

Knit stripes until the piece is 6.3” measured in the front.
Increase 1 s on each side of the 4 stitches in the front and the back (increase when youre 2 s away from the marker, and after you´re 2 s away from the marker in the front/back) on every second round 3 times in total.
Bind off the 4 s in the front and back  = 80 s

Knit the first leg on DP needles (40 s) until it is about 3.5”
Knit 10 rounds in the edge colour and bind off.

Knit another leg.

Fold the upper edge inwards and assemble along the inside.
Assemble from the inside of the crouch.

Make an i-cord for the pants like this:
Cast on 4 s on a DP needle.
K4. Slide all s from the right side to the left side of the needle, bring the yarn around the back, and K4 again.
Repeat until you´ve reached the desired length.


Cool kids´capris

These super soft pants are quite multifunctional. You can use them as pants when your kid is tiny, 0-12 m, and then as shorts the following year.

What we used

Circular and double pinted needles US 8
3 balls Sublime soya cotton

17 s= 4"

How we did it

With the beige colour, cast on 78 stitches using the circular needles. Knit in the round.
Knit 1.8". On the next round, you´ll make two holes for the cord.
K 35, K2together, YO, K4, K2together, YO, K35.
Knit 0,5" more and switch to the light blue colour.
Knit 5 rounds before you switch colours to the darker blue. Keep on knitting 5 and 5 rounds of each colour.
We used an old technique to make jogless stripes between the colours like this:
Every time you change colours, you knit one round with the new colour. When you reach the first stitch of the new colour, you pick up the stitch below it and knit them as one.

Keep on knitting until the piece is 7,9".
Increase one stitch on each side of the three stitches in the middle at the back.
Do this every second round, 4 times in total.
Cast off the 5 stitches in the middle, in front and at the back of the piece.

Knit the first leg using the double pointed needles. Knit three stripes, 5 rounds= 1 stripe, and end the leg with 10 rounds of beige. Knit another leg, and you´re done.
Make the cord and you´re done!