Cosy kit for Anton

6/12 m (1/2) 3/4 (5/6) 7/8 years
Size 7-8 y for free this time, the rest can be purchased in our shop.

Abuelita Worsted Merino - Main colour Sweater
200 (200) 200 (300) 300
Abuelita Worsted Merino Multi
100 (200) 200 (200) 300 g
Abuelita Worsted Merino - Pants colour
200 (200) 200 (300) 300 g

32 “ circular needles (24” up to 1-2 y) and double pointed needles US 6 and 8

Gauge per 4”
14 s
20 rows

Chest measures flat
about 11 (13) 14.5 (16) 17 “

Lenght sweater
about 12 (15.5) 18 (19.5) 21.5 “

Waist measured flat
about 10.5 (12.5) 14 (15.5) 16.5 “

Lenght pants
about 15 (17.5) 20.5 (22) 25 “

A soft and cosy kit with a hooded sweater with a pocket. Perfect to wear as a middle layer in winter, or just cuddle up in anytime.

If you are knitting the smallest size you will have to wind two balls of yarn from your skein. We did one very small (only for one of the pocket edges) and one large, but don´t worry so much about the sizes of the balls as there are many small parts to knit separately.

Cast on 112 s on US 8 circular needles with multi coloured yarn.Knit garter in the round for about 1”. End with a purl round. Change to solid yarn. Knit stockinette and inrease 8 s evenly on the first round of stockinette. (= 120 s) Place a marker at the beginning of the round and after 60 s to mark the sides. Continue until your piece measures 13.5 “. Leave the stitches on a spare needle.

Use a thinner needle and pick up the 52 middle stitches on the last round of multi yarn as shown on the picture. (You start after 4 s from the side markers) What you do to pick up stitches is actually just to insert your needle into the stitch and lift it onto the needle.

The pocket is knit back and forth, the edges in garter and the middle part in stockinette. Always slip the first stitch on each row instead of knitting it. Use US 8 needles and knit 5 stitches (starting from the right side) with multi coloured yarn from one of the balls. Knit 42 s with solid yarn. Knit the last 5 s with multi coloured yarn from the other ball. It´s very important to twist the yarn when you change colours to avoid holes. (Always bring the new colour up from underneath the old colour) This also goes for the decrease rows. About every 2.7 “ on a right side row knit like this:

Work the edge as usual. When you start the solid yarn (remember twisting) do a SSK. Continue in stockinette until two solid stitches are left on the needle, K2tog. Work the edge as usual. Repeat the decreases 4 times alltogether. You now have 44 s left for the pocket.

When the pocket is the same lenght as the rest of your piece you are going to knit the two parts together to attach the top of the pocket to the sweater. End with a wrong side row and cut the yarn on the pocket. Continue in solid yarn from the beginning of the sweater round until you have knitted 8 s past the side marker. Hold the needle with the pocket stitches in front of the main part stitches and knit one stitch from each neeedle together until the pocket is attached. Continue in stockinette until the piece measures 15 “. Then bind off 2 stitches before and after each marker. (= 4 s bind off in each side.) You now have 112 s on your needle.

Cast on 40 s with multi coloured yarn on US 8 DPN´s and work garter in the round for 1”. End with a purl row. Change to solid yarn and knit stockinette. On the first round of stockinette increase 10 s evenly. Continue until the arm measures 13.5 “. Bind off 4 s under the arm. (= 46 s) Make another arm.

Line up all the parts on the circular needle, with the bind off edges towards eachother. Place markers between the arm and body parts (4 markers) (= 204 s)

Raglan decrease
Round 1: Knit.
Round 2: Knit until 3 is left before the 1st marker. SSK. K2. K2tog. Repeat for all the markers.

Repeat the 2 last rounds 8 times alltogether. Knit one round. Cut youw working yarn, and arrange the stitches so that the round now starts in the middle front. (= 140 s)  Change to multi coloured yarn and knit the following rounds 2 times:

Round 1: Knit until 3 is left before the 1st marker. SSK. K2. K2tog. Repeat for all the markers.
Round 2: Purl.

You now have 124 s. Continue working the following rows back and forth:

Row 1: Knit until 3 is left before the 1st marker. SSK. K2. K2tog. Repeat for all the markers.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat the 2 rows 9 times alltogether.

Knit the hood in garter stitch back and forth from the remaining 52 s. Remove all your markers and place a new marker in the middle of the row. (After 26 s) Knit like this on every right side row: Knit until 1 s is left before the marker. Make 1 s. K2, Make 1 s. Knit the rest of the row
After 10 increases contine working garter until the hood measures 9” from where you started increasing.  

On the next right side row work like this: Knit until 3 is left before the 1st marker. SSK. K2. K2tog. Knit the rest of the row.
Knit one row. Repeat the 2 rows until you have decreased 3 times alltogether. End with a row from the wrong side. Fold in the middle and assemble with kitcheners stitch.

Knitted bottom up.
Cast on 46 s on US 6 DPN´s and work garter in the round for about 2”. Change to US 8 needles and continue in stockinette. Increase 12 s evenly on the first round of stockinette. Continue until the leg measures 16”. Put aside and make another leg.

Place the two legs on the same cirkular needle, US 8, knit all the s on the first leg, make 4 new stitches by doing backward loops on the needle, knit all the stitches from the second leg and make 4 new s in the same manner. Place a marker in the middle og the new stitches on each side. These marks the middle front and back. You now have 124 s on your needle.
Knit 1 round.

On the next round knit until 3 is left before the 1st marker. SSK. K2. K2tog. Repeat for the other marker.

Repeat he 2 last rounds 1 more time. (= 116 s) Continue in stockinette until the piece measures 25”. Change to US 6 needles and purl 1 round. Work stockinette for 1” and bind off loosely. Fold down the edge and assemble by sewing one s from the bind of edge to one stitch from the pants at the time. It is important to do this one stitch at the time to make the edge as elastic as the rest. Thread an elastic band through the loop. Don´t cut it too short as you might want to adjust it as the child grows.