Crop cardigan

XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
Size L for free this time, the rest can be purchased in our shop.

Pickles Angora
100 (125) 125 (150) 150 (175) g

32” circular needles and DPN´s US 4 and 6

4” =19 s and 25 rows in stockinette

Chest measures flat
About 15.5 (17.5) 19.5 (21.5) 23.5 (25.5)”

About 15 (15.5) 16.5 (18) 19 (20)”

A short cardigan, perfect for skirts and high waisted pants. We´re also planning on using it as a bolero over dresses.

The cardigan is knit in the round, sewn with a sewing machine and cut open. If you don´t have a sewing machinw you can knit it back and forth. In that case, cast on 4 less stitches and do all decreases on a right side row. You will also have to subtract the 2 s in each side from the numbers in the pattern.

Cast on 191 s on US 4 circular needles rundpinne and knit like this for about 1.5”:

Purl 2 s. Work ribbing, K1, P1 until 3 s is left on the round. K1, P2 s. The 4 purl s will be the cut open part.

Change to US 6 needles and continue in the following manner until your piece measures 8.2”, but on the first round increase 16 s evenly around the knit stitches, and then place markers after 52 s and 155 s to mark the sides. (= 103 s for the back and 52 on each of the front parts.):

P2 s. Knit until 2 s is left on the round. P2 s.  

When you´ve reached the right lenght, bind off 3 s on each side of each marker, 6 s in each side. (= 195 s) Put aside and make the arms.

Cast on 44 s on US 4 DPN´s. Work ribbing, K1, P1 for 1.5”. Change to US 6 needles and continue in stockinette. Place a marker on the beginning of the round. Make 1 s before and 1 s after the two s on each side of the marker every 0.8” until you have increased 14 times alltogether. Work until the arm measures 12.5 ".  Bind off the 3 last and 3 first s on the round. (= 66 s) Make another arm.

Raglan decrease
Line up all the parts on the circular needle and continue in the round. Place markers in between all the parts (4 markers alltogether) The 4 purl stitches is still purled on each round.

Decrease #1 - decreasing only on the front and back pieces.
Round 1: Work until 3 s is left before the 1st marker. SSK. Knit 1 s past the 2nd marker. K2tog. Knit until 3 s is left before the 3rd marker. SSK. Knit 1 s past the 4th marker. K2tog. (= 4 s decreased)
Round 2: Knit.

Repeat the “Decrease #1”rounds 6 times alltogether.

Decrease #2 - decreasing on all pieces.
Round 1: *Work until 3 s is left before marker. SSK. K2 s. K2tog.* Repeat for all 4 markers. (= 8 s decreased)
Round 2: Knit.

Repeat the “Decrease #2” rounds 23 times alltogether.
Then repeat the “Decrease #1”rounds 3 times more. You now have 107 s. Work ribbing as before for 1” and bind off.

Cut front open
Sew a couple of times up and down along the edge purl s (both sides of the purl part) with a sewing machine. Use small stitches and a zig zag row too. When all the s are secure cut down the middle. Use a US 4 needle and pick up 1 s on each row (s) along the edge on each of the sides and work ribbing as before.

Make button holes on one side
Pick up s. Work 1 row. On a right side row make the holes every 2” like this:
Work until where you want the button hole. YO, K2tog.

Assemble and weave in all edges. Sew on buttons.