Garland Sweater-poncho

A gorgeous graphic poncho, shaped like a sweater with rib at the bottom. Knitted double stranded bottom-up. Perfect and very eye catching outerwear for spring and fall, or as a warm sweater for winter. Fun to knit!

S/M (L/XL)
L/XL for free below. The other size can be bought here.

Pickles Merino Tweed, 300 g main colour and 200 g pattern colout
Pickles Pure Thin Alpaca, 250 (300) main colour and 200 pattern colour

32” or 40” and 16” circular needles US 6
32” circular needles and DP needles US 4.

Gauge per 4”
Stockinette: 18 s/22 rows
Rib pattern: 24 s/26 rows
Rib pattern in uset: 19 s

Measurements, lying flat:
Bottom, not stretched: 15.7 (19.7)”
Bottom, in use: 20.5 (24.8)”
At the widest: 39 (45)”
Full length: 29 (30)”
The body
Cast on 232 s loosely with 1 strand of each quality, main colours. Knit rib pattern in the round on US 4, K3 (knit the knit s of the ribbing of this project through the back loop), P1 for about 2.7”.
On the next round increase 1 s before each purl stitch (lift the yarn between the stitches, twist, place onto left needles and purl) = 290 s.
Place marker at the beginning of the round and after 145 s to mark the sides while continuing in rib pattern, K3, P2 for about 1.6”.
Swap to US 6 and stockinette. Increase 14 s = 304 s.
Cast off 8 s in each side (4 on each side of the markers) after about 5” = 288 s.
Put the work aside.

Cast on 56 s loosely with one strand of each quality, main colour. Knit rib in the round, K3, P1 for about 2”.
On the next round increase 1 s before each purl stitch (lift the yarn between the stitches, twist, place onto left needles and purl)  = 70 s.
Continue in rib pattern K3, P2 for another 2.7”.
On the last round, cast off the first and last 4 s of teh round= 8 s decreased = 62 s.
Put the work aside and kni another sleeve.

The yoke
Place the sleeves onto the same circular needles as the body, one in each slot where you casted off the 8 s. Cast off edges facing eachother.
Knit 4 rounds in stockinette, main colours.
Increase 1 s at the beginning and end of each sleeve on the last of the 4 rounds = 416 s.
Knit the pattern, 1a, then 1b.
Bind up the yarn where the floats are long. Look this up on youtube if you’re unfamiliar with it.

After completing the pattern you’ll have 156 s.

Neck line
Knit one round of the pattern colours while decreasing 20 s evenly = 136 s.
Do an i-cord cast off like this:
Turn the piece, cast on 3 new s by making backward loops. Turn the piece again and knit one round.
When reaching the first of the 3 new s, knit like this on US 4:
*K2, SSK. PLace the last 3 s on the right needle onto the left needle without twisting them*
Repeat from * to* until 3 s remain, K3tog.
Sew under the sleeves.