Good sweater

XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
Size L for free this time, the rest can be purchased in our shop.

Pickles Organic Cotton, THIN
300 (350) 400 (450) 450 (500) g solid
300 (350) 400 (450) 450 (500) g multi coloured

We´ve made yarn kits in nice colour combinations.

32 and 16” circular needles, US 9 and 10.5

Gauge per 4”
11 s 
15 rows

With measured flat
18 (20) 21.5 (23.5) 25.5 (27.5) “

Lenght middle front
24.5 (25) 25.5 (27) 27.5 (28.5) "

This sweater is good to the nature and to you. It´s made from organic plant dyed cotton, and has a flattering shape with the back knitted longer than the front by doing a few wrap and turns.

With one strand each from the two yarns held together cast on 116 s on 32” US 9 needles. Work in the round, K2, P2 for about 2". Change to US 10.5 needles and start knitting stockinette. Knit 1 round while increasing 16 s evenly around the first round. (=132 s)
Place markers at the beginning of the round (M1) and after 66 s (M2). Then repeat the next 7 rounds until your piece measures 14 “. (Measured in the front.)

Round 1: Knit until 1 s is left before M2. Wrap and turn. Purl back until 1 stitch is left before M1. Wrap and turn. Knit the rest of the round. Remember to knit the wrap together with the stitch you turned at on your way around, and with the 1st stitch when you start round 2.

Round 2-7: Knit.

Start doing increase rounds: (No more wrapping and turning from now on)
Round 1: Knit until 1 s is left before M2. Make 1 s. K 2 s. Make 1 s. Repeat for M1.
Round 2: Knit.

After 9 increase rounds and ending with a round 1, split your sweater into front and back pieces, and start knitting back and forth. You now have 168 s on your needle. Work until you are at M2 and turn.

Work stockinette until the piece measures 9 “ from where you split. Leave the stitches on a spare needle or some scrap yarn while knitting the back.

As the front.

Use kitcheners stitch and graft together 24 s from each the front and back piece on each side. Start at the outer shoulder and weave your way in towards the neck opening. Leave a 10 “ tail. Place all the remaining 36 s on a US 9 needle.

Neck opening
Use the US 9 needle and work ribbing as before for 1”. Bind off. Use the tail from the grafting to tighten if there are loose stitches, and weave it in.

Use US 10.5 short needles and pick up 52 s, still with double strands. Place a marker in the middle under the arm. Work stockinette for 3 “. Do a decrease round like this:

Knit until 3 s is left before the marker. SSK. K 2 s. K 2 tog. Continue in stockinette and repeat the decrease round every 2.5 “ until you have decreased 4 times alltogether. Work until the arm measures 9 “. Change to US 9 needles and knit ribbing as before for 1”. Bind off and weave in all loose ends.