A feminine turtle neck with slimming lines in the sides creating a slender silhouette. A homage to the queen of dieting in Norway, Grete Roede.
XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
XXL for free below, the rest can be bought here

Pickles Tweedy
400 (400) 500 (500) 600 (600) g
Pickles Silk Mohair
75 (75) 100 (100) 125 (125) g

16” and 32” circular needles and DP needles US 11 1/2

Gauge per 4”
Stockinette: 13 s / 22 rows
Rib: 16 s / 22 rows

Measurements, lying flat
Width chest: 15.7 (17.7) 19.6 (21.6) 23.2 (25.5)”
Width waist: 13.3 (14) 15.3 (17.7) 18.8 (20)”
Full length: 18.5 (20) 20.8 (21.6) 22.4 (23.2)”

The neck
Knitted top down.
Cast on 72 s on small circular needles US 10 1/2 with double strands, one Pickles Tweedy and one Pickles Silk Mohair (LOOSELY for XS-M for the head to fit). Knit with double strands.

Knit a rib, P4, K2 for about 5”. As the neck is to fold down you’ll now reverse the pattern making it teh same when folding it down.
Continue the rib, K4, P2 until the piece is 7.8”.

On the last round place 4 markers (PM) like this:
**K2, PM, K2, *P2, K4* Repeat between * and * 3 times in total. P2, K2, PM, K2, P2, K4, P2**.
Repeat between ** and ** twice in total, taking you to the end of the round.

Every marker is now placed in the middle of 4 knit stitches with 2 purl stitches on each side of them.
THESE 8 STITCHES ARE TO REMAIN CONSTANT DURING THE INCREASE. This means that all increasments will take place on the outside of these 8 stitches.

Ragland increase / Yoke
Continue like this:
Round 1: Continue in stockinette except for the purl stitches around the markers; knit like this when reaching a marker:
When 4 s remains before a marker, P2, K4, P2.
Continue in stockinette.

Round 2, increase: K2, P2, make 1 right.
*Knit until 4 s remain before the next marker, make 1 left, P2, K4,P2, make 1 right.*
Repeat between * and * 3 times in total. Continue in stockinette until 4 s remain before the next marker, make 1 left, P2, K2.

Repeat these 2 round until you have increased a total of 28 times = 296 s.

The body
The piece is now to be separated. The sleeves are the 4 knit stitches on top of each shoulder as well as the increases. Place these 60 s in each side on some acrap yarn. The body gets the remaining stitches, and all the purl stitches goes into the body, making 4 purl s in a row under each sleeve = 176 s for the body.

Continue in stockinette, but keep on purling the purlstitches. On the first round P2tog twice under each sleeve, reducing the purl stitches to 2. In each side you will now have vertical purl stripes of 2 s each = 174 s.

Continue like this until the piece is 19.6". On the last round decrease 6 s evenly in the knit stitches in the front, and the same amount in the back (do not decrease in sthe sides where the purl stitches are) = 12 s decreased = 162 s.

Knit a rib, K4, P2, and make sure to start so that the purl stitches in the sides automatically makes the purl stitches in the rib.
When the rib is about 2.7", cast off as loosly or tightly as you want depending on the fit.

Place the 60 sleeve stitches on to needles. Continue in stockinette in the round.
PM at the beginning of the round, under the sleeve.

After 1.6":
K1, K2tog, knit until 3 s remain, SSK, K1.
Repeat this round every 1.6" 9 times in total.

You now have 43 s.
Continue until the piece is 33 (35) 36 (37) 38 (39) cm. Decrease 6 s evenly on the next round = 36 s.

Knit a rib, K4, P2 for about 2.7".
Cast off. Knit another sleeve.

Sew under the sleeves.