Grow-along cardigan

The round yoke looks really nice on children, as their sholders aren´t that broad yet. We haven´t tried this decrease method before, and have learned a few things along the road. First of all, we planned for this cardigan to fit a newly born, but it ended up fitting Nils, 1 1/2. It´s a pretty long cardigan, which makes this jacket fit for a long time; we estimate it to be suitable from about 6-8 months to 1 1/2 years.

Secondly, the round yoke is absolutely easier if you make a sweater. Pattern-knitting back and forth is pretty time consuming, at least in the beginning. When you get your head around it it´s fine. But we wouldn´t recommend this as your first knitting project ever.

Anyways, here´s the pattern.

What you need
3 balls extra fine merino, light grey
1 ball extra fine merino, brown
1 ball extra fine merino, dark brown
Or you can even use our own Pickles Extra Fine Merino or the Pickles Cashmerino Silk.
Circular needles, 4 and 6 (3,5 and 4 mm)
Needles, 4 and 6 (3,5 and 4 mm)

How we did it
The body piece

Using the # 4 circular needles, cast on 118 stitches loosely.
Tip: We always cast on on needles a couple of sizes larger than the ones we knit with. Then you can cast on tighter and it gets really nice and even, as well as stretchy.
Knit back and forth.

Start by knitting a rib, K1 P1, until you´ve knitted 4 cm. Change to the # 6 needles. Knit every second row, and purl every second row from here on until you´ve knitted 12 more cm (Knit when you´re on the front).

Make rooms for the sleeves like this: K 26, decrease 6, K 54, decrease 6, K26.
Put the body piece aside.

The sleeves
Using the # 4 needles, cast on 30 stitches, loosely. Knit round and round.
Start by knitting the rib, K1, P1 until you´ve knitted 4 cm. Change to the # 6 needles and at the same time increase 6 stitches on the next round = 36 stitches.
You´ll then increase two stitches every 5th round 4 times in total = 44 stitches.
Tip: We usually make the increasement at each side of the two stitches right under the arm. It looks nicer.
Knit until the sleeve measures 15 cm. Decrease 6 stitches right under the sleeve.
Put the sleeve aside and make another one.

The round yoke
Put all the pieces on the circular needles. Decrease 4 sitches as while you do this. Here´s how:
Knit the first front piece, but knit the last two stitches together. Knit the first sleeve.
Knit the backpiece, but knit the first two and the last two stitches together. Knit the second sleeve.
Knit the second front piece, but knit the first two stitches together.

Time to start making the pattern. Feel free to download the diagram here.

Put the remaining stitches on a thread.

Front bands
Pick up 70 stitches along the left side. Knit a rib, K1. P1 until you´ve knitted 4 cm. Cast off loosely.

Repeat on the right side, but remember to make button wholes.
We made them on the third row by knitting to together, YO 7 times in total. We also made a eigth button whole on the collar. Take that into consideration when you place them.

Put the stitches on the thread back on the needles and pick up 4 stitches from each of the front bands. Knit until you´ve reached 4 cm. remember the button whole!

Assemble the loose ends and the wholes under the arms.
Con grats, the cardigan is finished!

This is a free jacket knitting pattern from We’ll be thrilled if you use it. Please link to us if you do;)