Happy Vest

A colourful vest with an easy structure. Buttons on the shoulders, which can be dropped for the larger sizes.
6 m (1) 2 (3-4) 5-6 (7-8) 9-10 y
7-8 y for free below, the rest can be bought here.

Pickles Summer Wool
Main colour  50 (50) 50 (100) 100 (100) 100 g
3 pattern colour 50 (50) 50 (50) 100 (100) 100 each

16” circular needles US 4
24” and DP needle US 7

Gauge per 4"
Pattern 18 s/28 rows
Rib: 21 s/ 28 rows

Measurements, lying flat
Width: 9.4 (10.2) 11.4 (12.6) 13.4 (14.1) 15”
Full length: 11 (12.2) 13.4 (14.5) 15.7 (17) 18.1”

The body
Knitted bottom-up. Cast on 128 sin main colour on US 4.
Knit a rib in the round, K1, P1 for about 1.6".
Place marker (PM) at the beginning of the round and after 64 s to mark the sides.

Swap to US 7 and repeat thse 4 rounds:

Round 1: Knit in stockinette
Round 2: *P2tog* Repeat from * to * until end of round.
Round 3: Make 1 new s in every stitch by knitting into the front and back loop of each stitch.
Round 4: Knit in stockinette. Change colours after the round.

Repeat until the piece is 11", and 4 s remain on round 4. Swap colour here.
Cast off the 8 next stitches. Continue on round 1 until 4 s remain before the next marker, cast off the next 8 stitches, knit the rest of the round.
Turn, and start the back piece.

Back piece
Knit back and forth, start from the wrong side in the same colour you are working in:
Repeat the 4 rows below, but decrease at the beginning and end of the row on the following rows to shape the vest:
First time you knit row 2, knit the first and last s without increasing. (First repetition ONLY)
First time you knit row 3 P2tog at the beginning and end of the row (First repetition ONLY)

Row 1: *K2tog* Repeat from * to * until end of row.
Row 2: Make 1 new s in every stitch by knitting into the front and back loop of each stitch.
Row 3: Purl. Swap colours at the end of the row.
Row 4: Knit in stockinette

Continue until the piece is 18.1", and you have completed a row 3.
Continue in the same colour, and purl 1 row from the right side before casting off.
(NOTE, for the larger sizes you can se kitchener’s stitch to assemble the shoulders. If you choose to do this, leave the s on a spare needle after row 3.)

Front piece
Knitted like the back piece, included the decreasements in the beginning, until you have 5 stripes of colour, and are about to start a row 4.

Continue on row 4 over the first 16 s for the first part of the front piece.

Cast off to shape for neck like this:
The first and second time you knit row 2 you do not increase on the s closest to the neck.
The first and second time you knit row 3 P2tog over the first 2 s closest to the neck.
Continue until the front piece is as long as the back piece.

Make button holes (if you do not decide to weave the shoulders together) at the top by continuing in the same colour after row 3.
K2 rows in stockinette
Knit button holes on the next row:
K2, YO, K2tog, knit until 4 s remain (the smallest size there are only 4 s) K2tog, YO, K2.
Purl 2 rows. Cast off.

Place the middle 20 s on some scrap yarn for neck. Knit the remaining 16 s the same was as the first front piece.

Use US 4 and pick up s along each of the edges where a rib is needed.
The neckline n the front piece and the sleeve edges.
If you don’t assemble over the shoulders, pick up stitches around the entire hole for the head and knit a rib in the round.
If you have buttons, do not make a rib in the back.
Pick up about 20 s per 4".

Knit the rib, K1, P1 for about 1". Cast off. TIP: Cast off quite tightly under the sleeves and at the lover opening of the neck to shape the ribbings nicely.