A simple and stylish kimono suitable for every occation. Knitted bottom up in garter stitch, assembled along the shoulders/sleeves.
XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
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Pickles Merino Tweed, 400 (400) 500 (500) 600 (600) g
Pickles Silk Mohair, 150 (175) 200 (225) 250 (275) g

32” or 40” ciruclar needles US 6

Gauge per 4”
18 s/38 rows

Measurements, lying flat:
Waist: 15.4 (17.7) 19.7 (21.6) 23.6 (26)”
Bottom: 18.2 (20) 22 (24) 26 (28.3)”
Front pieces, each: 11.8 (13.7) 15.7 (17.7) 19.6 (22)”
Full length: about 21.5 (22) 22.8 (23.6) 24.4 (25)”

Cast on 216 s with one strand of each quality. Knit back and forth in garter stitch double stranded.
Place markers (PM) to mark the sides after 62 s and when the same amount of s remain on the row = 92 s for the back piece.

Decrease after 1.6" and then every 1.6” at each of the markers like this 5 times in total:
When 2 remain before the marker, K2tog, K2, K2tog. Repeat at the other marker.
After the 5 decreasements you’ll have 196 s.

Continue until the piece 9”.
Increase like this on each side of the markers on every row from the right side 28 times in total:
When 1 s remains before the marker, make 1 stitch left, K2, make 1 stitch right.
Repeat at the other marker.

You’ll now have 308 s.
After a row from the wrong side part the work by the markers into front and back pieces, and work each piece seperately.

Front pieces
You now have 85 s per front piece. Start from the right side, and knit back and forth in garter stitch. Make 26 new s for sleeve on the first row by making backward loops for the left front piece and by casting on 26 new s before starting to knit on the right side = 111 s for each piece.
Continue in garter stitch back and forth for about 3.1”, and PM after 15 s, counted from the neck.

Decrease row: These 15 s closest to the neck makes the collar, and remains constant. Decrease by K2tog on the outside of the marker.

Decrease like described above on every row from the right side 20 times in total = 91 s. Finish after a row from the wrong side. Put the work aside.
Knit another front piece in the same way.

Back piece
You now have 138 s.
Cast on 26 new s for sleeve before starting to knit from the right side. Cast on 26 s in the other end too by making backward loops = 190 s.
Knit back and forth until the back piece is as long as the front pieces.

Use kitchener’s stitch to assemble the sleeves/shoulders. Start in the far end of each side and work until you reach of the markers = 38 s left in the neck.
Cast off the s in the back of the neck.
Knit the 15 collar stitches back and forth (start from the right side), and cast on 2 new s towards the inside of the neck.
Knit each side until it is 4.7”, finish after a row from the wrong side on both sides.

Use kitchener’s stitch to assemble the collar in the back.
Sew the collar to the back of the neck.
Sew the sleeves together from the wrong side.

Cast on 40 s (about 4” wide, cast on fewer if you want a narrower belt) with one strand in each quality in DP needles US 6. Knit back and forth and repeat this row:
*K1, slip 1 with yarn in front*
Continue until the belt is 51”:
Cast off while knitting i the same way.

Pick up 2 s under the sleeve. Knit a slim i-cord:
*K2, slip the s from the left to the right side of the needle with yarn in back, knit from the same way again*
Repeat until the the i-cord is long enough.Sew it neatly to the side of the cardigan.