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Late summer sweater


50 g "Bertegarn" from Spinn-spinn.
2 skeins Drops Silk tweed
2 skeins of Faerytale alpaca from Du store Alpakka

This sweater is knitted with the most beautiful handspun yarn from Tove at Spinn-spinn. Read the pattern before you start.

Front piece:
Cast on 10 stitches on US 13 needles with silk tweed. Switch to US 10 needles and K1 row. On the next row increase 1 stitch in each stitch by knitting in both the front and the back loop og the stitch before letting it of the left needle. (= 20 stitches)

(From now on you will increase 1 stitch in the same manner on the left side on each 4th row. We knitted stripes like this: 4 rows with silke tweed, 4 rows with faerytale, 2 rows with bertegarn)

So here it goes:
Row 1: K until last stitch, M1
K 3 rows

Repeat these 4 rows until you have 34 stitches on the needle. Then do a last increase and K back (35 stitches) (you don´t do the 2 last rows of K this last time)

Now you are going to make the "ribbing" on the bottom. So on the next row:

K 35, cast on 16 new stitches.
K 5 rows

"Turning rows":
On the next row K 35, turn, slip 1 and K back to the beginning of the row.
K 4 rows
On the next row K 35, turn, slip 1 and K back to the beginning of the row.
K 12 rows

(The reason we turn with uneven number of rows between the turning rows is the stripes. We wanted to alternate between turning on a Silk tweed row and a Faerytale row for an even result.)

Repeat the "turning rows" until your piece measures 12 inches. Cast off the 16 "new" stitches.

Then decrease 1 stitch in the left side every 4. row ( K2tog) until you have 20 stitches left on the needle. On the next row K2tog all row = 10 stitches. Cast off very very loosely.

Back piece:
Knit the same way as the front piece. Make sure you get the stripes right. (Reverse them if you didn´t knit the piece totally symmetrical)

Sew the pieces together under the arms and down the sides. Sew the arms along the top edge, but leave an opening for your neck. We wanted it quite wide. (12 inches)

Ribbing for the arms:

Cast on 7 stitches with double strands of yarn, both Silke tweed and Faerytale. Knit until it is long enoung to go around your arm right under the elbow. Make another the same way. Sew them on to the arm openings. Be careful not to sew them on to tight, you want them to be able to stretch.

Pick up stithches around the neck. (approximately 4 stitches per inch) K 4 rows. Cast off loosely and weave in all ends.

This is a free sweater knitting pattern from We’ll be thrilled if you use it. Please link to us if you do;)