Lavender coat

Great outerwear for fall and spring, and nice indoors during winter. This knitted coat is both soft and elegant:)
The Lavender coat here shown with the Dreamy Sweater under.


S/M (L/XL)
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Abuelita Merino Worsted
600 (700) g
Pickles Silk Mohair, 6 (7) balls

Circular needles 32” , 7 mm.

Gauge per 4”
10 s

Width measured flat: 20.8 (22.5)”
Length, hanging : 33.4 (35.4)”
The body
The cardigan is knitted bottom-up with two strands, one worsted and one silk mohair.
Cast on 111 stitches on 7 mm needles. Knit 3 rows.
Start repeating these two rows:
Row 1:
Slip 1, K 3 (front bands),
Knit broiche like this:
*K 1, K 1 in the row below*
Repeat from * to * until 4 stritches
remain. K 4.

Row 2:
Slip 1, K 3, Knit broiche like this:
*K 1 in the row below, K 1*
Repeat from * to * until 4 stritches
remain. K 4.

Continue until the cardigan is 26” measured hanging.

Start knitting the first front piece.
Slip 1, K3 for front bands like usual.
Knit brioche stitches over the next 23 stitches. The last stitch will be prettier if you knit it, and slip it when you turn.

Continue until the piece is 35.4”.    
Cast off, but leave the 4 front band stitches on a thread.

Knit the back piece, 57 stitches in brioche stitch until it is 35.4”.
Knit the other front piece like the first one.
Cast off, but leave the 4 front band stitches on a thread.

Sew the front and back pieces together.

Pick up 49 stitches around the sleeve hole. Knit brioche back and forth.

K2tog at the beginning and end of the row
every 2” 7 times in total.

Knit until the sleeve is 12.6 (14.5)”.
Knit 3 rows. Cast off.
Knit another sleeve.

Front bands
Increase one stitch towards the neck line.
You will now have 5 stitches.

Knit back and forth in garter stitch until the front band reaches the middle of the neck in the back. Finish after a row from the wrong side. Leave the stitches on the needle.

Knit the other front band in the same way.
Use kitchener´stitch to assemble the front bands in the back.

Assemble front bands and sleeves.