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Lazy Daisy Baby Jacket

This baby jacket suits a newborn baby. It's knitted just using the garter stitch – and some daisy stitches. The daisy stitches are really lovely, and really not that hard as long as you get your head around them. Well worth a try!

Collar up or down – nice both ways.

What you need
We used 100% wool yarn requiring a 3 mm needle.
You need one 50 g ball for the main colour, but you can use scrap yarn for the stripes.
Long circular needle 4 mm (The daises are better to knit on slightly larger needles than the yarn says.)
4 buttons
Needle for assembly

How we did it
The whole thing is knitted back and forth.

The body piece
Cast on 97 stitches. Knit 8 rows.

Here comes the daisies, pay attention;)

Change colour and knit one row.
K1, purl 3 stitches in the next three stitches.
This is how you purl three in three:

Put the needle into the next three stitches as if you would purl three together.

Wrap the yarn around the needle as you do when knitting a purl.

Pull the yarn back up through the three stitches. DON´T pull the stitches off the left needle.

Now, wrap your yarn all the way around the needle.

Make sure the yarn is wrapped all the way around. It´s supposed to be in front of the needle as you put it back into the three stitches as you did to start with.

Wrap the yarn around and pull it back up.

You now have three stitches on your right needle.

Lift the stitches off the needle. Make sure they´re in the same order as you knitted them in, the Yo in the middle.

*K1, purl three in three* Repeat from * to* the entire row. Finish with a knit stitch.

Change colour. Knit one row.
Knit another row with daisies. This time around, however, you´ll knit the daisies between the row of daisies you already have. Therefore you start by knitting 3.
*Purl three in three, K1* Repeat from * to * until you have three stitches left on the needle, knit these.

Continue knitting the daisies, starting with one knit stitch and three knit stitches every second time as above. We knitted 20 rows of daisies (40 rows including the rows of knitting in between).

Cast off for the arms. Use the main colour and knit like this:
K 20, cast off 6 stitches, K 45, cast off 6 stitches, K 20.
Let the body piece rest until you´ve knitted the arms.

Cast on 28 stitches.

Knit back and forth until the arm measures 15 cm.
Increase one stitch in each side every 3 cm, four times in total = 36 stitches.
When the arm is 15 cm long, cast off 4 stitches in each side and make another arm just like it.

Now it´s time to put the arms onto the body piece needles. Use the main colour. Do it like this:
Knit the first front piece, WHILE you´re decreasing 3 stitches along the distance.
Knit the first arm where the whole for the arm is (Make sure that you knit it on the right way, meaning that you start knitting where you naturally would if you were to continue the arm.).
Knit the back piece, WHILE you´re decreasing 6 stitches along the distance.
Knit the other arm.
Knit the second front piece, WHILE you´re decreasing 3 stitches along the distance.

Knit one row.

It's time to start the raglan decrease. This means that you knit together the two first stitches before and after each arm, and also the two first and last stitches on the arms.
To be exact:
Knit the first front piece until two stitches remain. Knit these together. Knit the first two stitches on the first arm together. Knit the arm until two stitches remain, knit these together. Knit the first stitches on the back piece together. Knit the back piece until two stitches remain. Knit these together. Knit the first two stitches on the second arm together. Knit the two last stitches on the arm together. And finally knit the first two stitches on the second front piece together.

Decrease like this every second row 14 times in total. The last time you decrease the two first and the two last stitches on the row as well. You still have some stitches left on the needles.
Assemble the loose ends on the body piece before you start the front bands/collar.

Front band /collar
Using the same circular needle as you still have stitches left on, pick up 36 stitches on along the side of the front piece. Repeat on the other side. You´ll now knit the front bands and collar in one.

Knit 4 rows.
On the fifth you make button wholes. We made four of these on the right side of the jacket. Don´t make wholes more than a cm or so above the daisies. You make one button whole by knitting two stitches together, and then you out your yarn over the needle, making an extra stitch for the next row.

Knit until you have seven rows in total. Cast off LOOSELY along the side until there´s no more daisies, knit until the daisies start again, and cast the rest of the stitches off LOOSELY.
Cut the yarn.

Start knitting the collar, 4 rows in total.

1st and 2nd row: Decrease one stitch on the beginning and the end og the rows.
3rd and 4th row: Decrease two stitches at the beginning and the end of the rows.

Cast off LOOSELY.
Assemble the arms and armpits.

The perfect gift for a newborn baby;) We didn´t have one, and ended up with a lion as a model.

This is a free jacket knitting pattern from We’ll be thrilled if you use it. Please link to us if you do;)