Melker's Kindergarten Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is great for colder days. It is light as a feather, yet warm. Fun and easy to knit.

2-6 (6-12 m) 1-2 (3-4) y
1-2 y for free below, the rest can be bought here.

Abuelita 3-ply Merino, 100 (200) 200 (300) g
Abuelita 3-ply Merino Multi,100 g

32 and 16” circular and DP needles US 5

Gauge per 4 “
21 s/32 rows in stockinette

Measurements lying flat
Width: 8.5 (11.5) 12 (13.5)”
Length (without neck): 20 (24) 28 (32)”

Cast on 58 s in main colour on circular needles US 5.
The jumpsuit is knitted top-down, back and forth until you’re told otherwise.
Knit garter stitch back and forth for about 4”  for foldable neck.

NOTE. The piece is now measured from here.
Start from the wrong side and knit like this:

Row 1: Purl and increase 24 s evenly.
Row 2: Change colours and change colours. Purl from the right side.
Rows 3-7: Knit in stockinette
Row 8: Knit, and increase 24 s evenly.
Row 9: Change colours and knit from the wrong side.
Rows10-14: Knit in stockinette

Repeat rows 1-14 3 times in total.
End after row 8 on the last repetition. Change to the main colour.
You’ll now have 202 s.
Knit 17 rows in stockinette.

Knit like this from the right side:
K 29, place the next 40 s on a thread for sleeve, cast on 2 new stitches by making backward loops, K 64, place 40 s on a thread for sleeve, make 2 new stitches, K 29. You have now parted the sleeves from the body. The left over stitches on the circular needles makes the body = 126 s.
Knit stockinette back and forth until the piece is 15”.

Start knitting stockinette in the round, and cast on 6 new stitches when joining the pieces in the round (making room for front bands later) = 132 s. The round starts in the middle of these 6 s. Place a marker here and in the middle of the back, after 66 s.

Continue in stockinette in the round until the piece is 16”
Knit and turn in the back to make more room.
*K 7 s past the marker in the back, turn.
Purl 7  s past the marker in the back, turn*.
Repeat the paragraph above 4 times, but add 8 s for each repetition (i.e. 16 s, turn next time).

Knit in the round again, but increase 1 s on each side of the 6 s in the middle of the front and back on every second round 3 times in total =144 s.
Knit one round and cast off the 6 s in the middle front and back (or use kitchener’s stitch and weave them together)=  132 s.

You now have 66 s for each leg. Knit in the round in stockinette on DP needles. The round starts on the inside of the leg. Decrease like this about every1.3” 6 times in total:
K1, K2tog, knit until 3 s remain until the end of the round, SSK, K1.

Knit one last round and decrease 10 s evenly when the leg is about 10" = 44 s.
Continue in garterstitch for about 1” before casting off. Knit another leg.

Place the stitches on to DP needles. Cast on 2 new stitches under the sleeve= 42 s.
Knit stockinette in the round until the sleeve is 8". Decrease 6 s evenly on the next round. Knit garther stitch for about 1” before casting off. Repeat on the other sleeve.

Front bands
Start with the first front band.
Pick up 100 s along the side where you want the buttons.

Knit garter stitch back and fort until the band is about 1” before casting off quite loosely.

Pick up the same amount of s on the other side. Knit 1 cm before making 8 button holes evenly on a row from the right side by knitting 2 together and making a YO.
Continue until the front band is about 1”
Cast off quite loosely.
Place the front band with buttin holes on top of the other and sew neatly to the lower opening.
Sew under the sleeves and in the crouch.