Merry-go-around dress

1 (2-3) 4-5 years
Size 4-5 y for free this time, the rest can be purchased in our shop.

Pickles Angora
75 (100) 125 g
Pickles Extra Fine Merino
50 g each of 5 different colours

32” or 40” circular needles, US 6

Gauge per 4” in garter stitch
18 s
38 rows

Chest measures flat
about 9.5 (11) 12”

about 16 (19) 23”

We recommend slipping the first s of each needle, for nicer edges, except from when changing colour and when making new stitches.

Shaping of the dress.
All measurements are done at the top egde, the part knitted in the base colour (Angora) I.e 4 needles means 4 needles knitted with Angora, at the top of the dress. You work the colour stripes at the same time, but don´t worry about them when measuring. Never do more than 4 Angora needles between each colour stripe.

We used the colour stripes as a reference to get the dress symmetric. Use the inch measurements as a reference and count stripes to make sure you get it right.

Cast on 105 s with Pickles Angora. Knit 2 rows.

Button holes
Work next row like this: K 2 s, YO, K2tog. *K 8 s, YO, K2tog* Repeat from * to * until 1 s is left on the needle. K 1 s.
Knit one row back.

Colour stripe
Change to one of the contrast colours.
Knit 10 s, wrap and turn, purl back.
Knit 20 s, wrap and turn, purl back.
Knit 30 s, wrap and turn, purl back.
Knit 50 s, wrap and turn, purl back.
Knit 75 s, wrap and turn, purl back.

Change back to Pickles Angora and knit 4 rows.

Continue working colour stripes, alternating the 5 colours in Extra Fine Merino, with 4 rows of Angora in between them until the upper edge measures 2.2“.

Shoulder straps increase
On a right side row make 1 new s at the end of the needle, 4 times. Please read “Shaping of the dress” before doing this.)

After 4 increase rows continue as before until the upper edge measures 6“.

Opening for arms
On the next wrong side row bind off the first 30 s on the needle. Knit the rest of the row. Knit back and make 30 new s on the end of the needle. Continue as before until the strap is the same lenght as the back strap (about 2.9”.)

Shoulder strap decrease
Bind off 1 s at the beginning of a wrong side row 4 times.

Continue until the neck opening is about 4.5” (decrease part not included) Then work the “Shoulder straps increase” part again.

Continue as before until the strap is the same lenght as on the first side and repeat “Opening for arms” and “Shoulder straps decrease”.

Continue until the back part is the same lenght as the other side, then work 8 rows of Angora before binding off loosely. Weave in all ends and sew on buttons.