Outer Coat

A cosy, yet stylish coat that is perfect for using outdoors. Can even be worn indoors when it’s cold. We used push buttons on the inside of the front band, but the belt will do alone.
L/XL for free below, the rest can be bought here

Pickles Tweedy, 700 (800) 900 g
Pickles Big Fuzz, 550 (600) 700 g

32” or 40” and 16” circular needles 7 mm
32” or 40” and DP needles US 9

Gauge per 4”
Garter on US 9: 12 s / 28 rows
Garner on 7 mm: 10 s / 24 rows

Measurements, lying flat
Width at the widest: 21.5 (23.2) 27.5”
Length: 34.6 (35.4) 37” 
For nice edges when knitting garter, that also makes it easy to pick up stitches for front bands later, we reccomend you knit like this: Slip last s on the row with yarn in front. knit first s through the back loop.

The body
Knitted bottom-up with double strands; one Pickles Tweedy and one Pickles Big Fuzz.
Cast on 124 s on US 9.

Knit 2" in garter stitch back and forth.
Swap to 7 mm needles and continue in garter until the piece is 24.4”.
Cast odd for sleeves on the next row from the right side (important) like this:
K 24, cast off 4 s, K 68, cast off 4 s, K 24 = 116 s.

Cast on 30 s on DP needles US 9.
Place marker at the beginning of the round.
Knit garter stitch in the round (knit every second round, purl every second round).
Swap to 7 mm needles after 2” and increase like this on the next round:
K1, make 1 left, knit until 1 s remains before the marker, make 1 right, K1.
Repeat this every 1.6”  5 times in total = 40 s.
Continue until the piece is 10.2”.
Increase in the same way on every round of knit stitches 7 times in total = 54 s.
On the next round of knit stitches (important) cast off 4 s, 2 on each side of the marker. Knit another sleeve.

The yoke
Plae the sleeves in the slots where you casted off for sleeves on the body, all peices on the same
circular needles with cast off edges facing
eachother = 172 (188) 216 s.

Place markers in all 4 points where the body and the sleeves meet. Continue in garter stitch back and forth, and make sure to start from the correct side in order to make the garter ridges continously. Knit back and forth without decreasing for about 1.2” before continuing like this:

Row 1: Decrease on the sleeves on every row from the right side like this:
Knit until you are 1 s past the first marker, K2tog, knit until 3 s remains before the 2nd marker, SSK, knit until you are 1 s past the 3rd marker, K2tog, knit until 3 s remain before the 4th marker, SSK, knit the rest of the row.
Row 2: Knit

Repeat these 2 rows until you have decreased a total of 22 times = 128 s.

Knit 4 rows without decreasing before decreasing on the body on every row like this:

Knit until 3 s remain before the 1st marker, SSK, knit until you are 1 s past the 2nd marker, K2tog, knit until 3 s remain before the 3rd marker, SSK, knit until you are 1 s past the 4th marker, K2tog, knit the rest of the row.
Repeat this row 21 times in total = 44 s.
Knit 1 row and increase 4 s evenly on the back piece to make more room for the collar.
Leave the remaining s and use the same circular needles and pick up 1 s in every s along each of the edge stitches along the sides.
Knit a rib K2, P2. NOTE: For a nice result make sure to start and end with 2 knit stitches. The number of stitches should be dividable by 4+2.

Cast off when the collar is about 7.8”. The cast off of the collar is crucial for a sucessful result. You need to work normal/tightly along the sides, and then very loose around the neckarea. This is to make sure that the collar gets enough room to be folded out over the shoulders.

If you think there the fitting around the neck/shoulders is too loose, tighten the stitches around this area from the inside of the collar by sewing with a tapestry needle.
Sew under the sleeves.

Cast on 10 s on DP needles US 9. Knit back and forth like this:
*K1, slip 1 with yarn in front*.
Repeat between * and * until end of row.
Continue for as long as you like.
Cast off.