The cardigan is wider at the bottom. If you´d prefer it to be more like a coat, knit it a bit longer before starting to knit the sleeves. You then might want to leave the pockets.

6 m (1) 2 (3/4) 5/6 y
1 y (like in the photo) for free below, the rest can be bought in our shop.

Abuelita Worsted Merino, 100 (200) 200 (300) 300 g
Abuelita Worsted Merino Multi, 100 g

DP and circular needles US 9

Gauge for 4”
14 stitches

Bottom: 12.2 (13.7) 15 (16.1) 16.9”
Chest: 10.2 (11) 12.6 (13.7) 14.1”
Length: 12.6 (14.2) 16.4 (17.7) 18.9”

Moss stitch
1st row: K1, P1
On the next row p over k and k over p.

The body
Cast on 81 s in main colour (MC).
Knit moss-stitch back and forth.
Place marker (PM) after 18 s and before the last 18 s = 45 s inbetween.
Start knitting in stockinette on a row from the right side after about 1.2”
Increase for pockets on the same row. Increase one stitch in each stitch over the stitches before the first marker and after the last marker.
Turn and place all even numbered increased stitched on to a spare needles BEHIND the piece.

Decrease/cast off for sleeves when the piece is 8.2 “.
Do you want a longer cardigan knit longer before continuing.
Cast off the 4 stitches in each side (2 s on each side of each marker)
Decrease 3 s evenly on each of the front pieces and 8 stitches evenly over the back piece = 59 s.
Put the work aside.

Cast on 23 s. Knit moss stitch in the round over the next 1.2”.
Start knitting in stockinette and increase 1 stitch on each side of the 2 stitches right under the sleeve.  
Increase every 1.1”  5 in total. When the piece is 7.8” cast off the 4 s right under the sleeve = 29 s.
Knit another sleeve.

Place all s on to the same circular needles as the body piece = 117 s.
Knit 0.4“ in stockinette.
Start knitting in garter stitch.
* Knit 2 rows in the pattern colour (PC)
Knit 2 rows in the main colour. Decrease 15 s evenly on the second row.*
Repeat from * to * 5 times in total.
AT THE SAME TIME cast off for collar after having finished repetition number 2:
K2tog at the beginning and end of the last row of PC = 6 s decreased for collar = 36 s left.

Front bands
Leave the s on the needle. Use the same needles and pick up 37 s along each side of the cardigan. Knit moss stitch for about 0.8”.
When 25 s remain make button holes on the next row:
*K2tog (for the best result knit or purl 2 together depending on what you would have knitted over s number 2) YO, K 4*
Repeat from * to * 3 times in total. K2tog, YO knit the rest of the needle.
Continue until the front bands are about 1.6”. Cast off.

Knit back and forth in stockinette until the pocket is about 3.5”.
Cast off. Sew the pockets to the jacket as neatly as you can.