Plain cardigan

Pink: A quick and easy knit in our very skin friendly mix of organic plant dyed cotton and super soft alpaca. A garment perfect for spring and summer.

Green: Soft worsted merino wool makes this cardigan perfect for colder days and as a warming layer under winter suits.

0-3 m (6-12 m) 1-2 (3-4) 5-6 (7-8) years
Size 0-3 mfor free, the rest can be purchased in our shop.

Yarn summer version (hold one strand of each quality together)
Pickles Organic Cotton, THIN
100 (100) 150 (200) 250 (300) g
Pickles Pure THIN Alpaca
50 (100) 100 (150) 150 (200) g

Yarn winter version (knit single stranded)
Abuelita Worsted Merino or Abuelita Worsted Merino Multi
100 (200) 200 (300) 300 (300) g

US 9 32” circular and DP needles

4” =14 s and 21 rows in stockinette

Chest measures flat
about 8.5 (9.5) 10.5 (12) 13 (14) “

about 9.5 (11) 12.5 (15.5) 17 (18.5) “

1 garter ridge = 2 knit rows

Slip the first s of every row throughout the whole project, also when not mentioned. Knit button holes on a right side row every 4 - 5 garter ridge like this: Start after 3 ridges: Slip 1 s, K1, YO, K2tog. Continue knitting the row as usual.

Cast on 64 s. Knit 4 garter ridges. You are now going to knit stockinette, but the first and last 5 s are knitted in garter stitch.

When the piece measures 6.5 " knit like this on the next wrong side row: (Still in stockinette with garter edges):
Work 15 s. Bind off 4 s. Work 26 s. Bind off 4 s. Work the rest of the row and put aside.

Cast on 16 s on double pointed needles and work garter in the round. When you have made 4 garter ridges change to stockinette and make 4 s evenly around the first stockinette round. Place a marker at the beginning of the round to mark the under arm. Work an increase round every 2 “ of stockinette 2 times altogether:

Work until 1 s remains before the marker. Make 1 s. Knit 2 s. Make 1 s. You now have 24 s. Work until the arm measures 6.5  “. Bind off 4 s under the arm.

Line up all the parts on the circular needle and work one right side row while placing markers between the arms and body part (4 markers). Knit back. The rest of the cardigan is knitted in garter and with raglan decreases:

Row 1: Knit until 3 s remains before the 1st marker. SSK. K 2 s. K2tog. Repeat for all 4 markers
Row 2: Knit.

After 8 decrease rows knit a row or two (to place the last button hole evenly) and bind off.