Plain Grandpa Sweater doesn’t get much easier than this. This sweater is knitted sideways in garter stitch,  from sleeve to sleeve.

1 (2) 3-4 (5-6) 7-8 years
Size 1 y for free, the rest can be bought here.

Pickles Merino-Tweed, double stranded
200 (200) 300 (300) 400 g

24, 32 or 40” circular needles US 7 and 9

Gauge per 4”
14 s/29 rows in garter stitch

Measurements, lying flat
Width: 11 (11.8) 13 (13.7) 14.5”
Length: 11 (11.8) 13.7 (15) 16.5” is crucial to stick to the gauge in this
pattern. If not the proportions will not be right. Always slip the first stitch for pretty edges (except from when you are making new stitches).
We have given inch measurements as guidlines, but to make the garment
symmetrical always count the number of garter ridges on both sides.

First sleeve
Cast on 28 s on US 7.
Knit 4 rows in garter stitch.
Swap to US 9 and continue in garter stitch.

The body
Cast on new stitches in each side of the needle when the piece is 6.2”.  Make 26 new stitches by making backward loops on the needle at the end of the next row. And repeat on the following row = 80 s.
NOTE: Measure the piece from here.
Continue in garter stitch until the piece is about 3.5”. Knit like this from the right side:
K 40 stitches, cast off 2 s, knit the rest of the row.

Turn and knit back and forth over the stitches up to where you casted off (front piece) until the piece is 5.5”. Cast off the first 10 s furthest up towards the neck on a row from the wrong side. Knit the rest of the row. On the next row, make 10 new s at the end of the row by making backward loops on the neede.

Continue until the piece is 7.5”. Remeber to count ridges on each side of the neck opening.

Leave the s on a spare needle.
Knit the 40 s (the back piece) back and forth until the piece isone ridge shorter than the front piece (the back piece looks better one ridge shorter to avoid it getting to loose).
On the next row, knit the two pieces together (MAKE SURE THAT BOTH PIECES ARE FINISHED FROM THE SAME SIDE, i.e. the wrong side, then start knitting from the right side), and make 2 new stitches between them (where you casted off 2 s before).

Knit until the piece is 11”.
Cast off the first 26 s and the last 26 s on the next row

Second sleeve
Knit the sleeve in garter stitch and measure it against the first sleeve. Change to US 5 at the same point as on the first sleeve. Knit 4 rows, and cast off.

Assemble along the sides from the wrong side.
Wash with detergent (for wool) and leave flat to dry. Shape the garment in the
desired shape. We pulled it down a bit in the back, and made it wider at the bottom.