Porch pouf

Crochet is perfect when you want to shape the yarn into certain shapes, and here´s a big round pillow dressed up with slip stitches. The pattern can be adjusted to fit any size round pillow. We crocheted the top and sides, and just pulled together in the bottom to avoid crocheting with the pillow inside. (The pouf is open under) It is important that the pillow you use for filling is big enough to stretch the cover properly, if you have a really soft and squishy pillow it has to be much bigger than the cover, or use more than one stacked on top of eachother.

Pickles Fat&Happy, 500 g

About 18"

About 6"

Crochet hook
US 15

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Do a magic loop and work 6 sc in the loop. Sl s in the first s. Then work 2 sl s in each s. You now have 12 s. Then work like this:

Round 1: *1 sl s in 1 s, 2 sl s in the next s*
Round 2: *1 sl s in each of the next 2 s, 2 sl s in the next s*
Round 3: *1 sl s in each of the next 3 s, 2 sl s in the next s*

Continue in the same manner with 1 sl s more between the increase s, making a large circle. You will have to stretch the circle out to actually see the size of it as it pulls together quite firmly. When you are happy with the diameter, continue doing 1 sl s in each s until you are out of yarn. Fill the cover with the pillow(s) and pull together in the bottom with a strong yarn.

If you want to actally close the pillow under we suggest you continue like this: (In that case you´ll need more yarn)

*Work 1 sl s in each of the X (as many as you had between the increases at the top) s, work 1 sl s in 2nd s from where you are*

Repeat this round until the pillow is closed, pull together.