Puff Nord

This stool is knitted in no time, although it's hard work:) The yarn is super duper bulky and you have to work a bit extra with the last rounds after stuffing. The yarn is specially designed for making things for the house. It is made of mohair and wool around a double stranded linen thread. Every ball is unique and different from eachother.
Pickles Røslig

Large circular needles US 35

Gauge per 4"
3,5 s

13" tall and 51" circumference

Cast on 9 s.

Increase 1 s in each s by knitting into the front and the back loop of every s.
Turn and repeat the other way= 36 s.
Knit 1 row.

Start knitting stockinette in the round. The first rounds might fel very tight, but it will get better.
After 4 rounds, increase like this on the next round:
*K6, increase 1 s*
Repeat from * to * until end of round.

Knit 8 rounds in stockinette. If it looks like there is plenty of yarn left, continue for antoher couple opf rounds. We ended up with quite a bit of left over yarn, but our ball was on the larger side.

Cast off like this on the next round:
* K5, K2tog*
Repeat from * to * until end of round.

Knit 4 rounds.
Turn and knit 1 row (back and forth).
Stuff the stool. We used a duvet and put some old clothes inside it. We then shaped it into a ball winded some cotton yarn around it to make it stay in shape.

The last rounds will be hard, as the stool i stuffed, so take a seat on the floor next to it and prepare for some workout.

Repeat on the next 2 rows.
You can slip the 2 s off the needles and help with your fingers if it is hard.
Cut the yarn, and make sure you have a long enough end to assemble.
Assemble using your fingers instead of a needle. The yarn can get a bit jammed, so don't rush it!
Repeat in the other side.