Sailor vest

A vest is perfect for fall. We are hooked after wearing this for a few nights. It gives you a comfortable warmth over the shoulders. The vest is knitted in a wave pattern, hence the name. The yarn is a mix between Pickles Extra Fine Merino and Pickles Cashmerino Silk, the latter gived the garnment a nice fall. If you enjoy tv-knitting without thinking, we recommend that you knit normal stripes instead of wavy stripes.  The knit is very stretchy, and the size is XS if you wish to close the vest. Sizes S, M and L can be bough for only $2 here.

Two strands of Pickles Cashmerino Silk, 3 balls (on the last ball we started in both ends)
2 balls Pickles Extra Fine Merino

Circular needles US 10
Crochet hook 7

4" = 13 m

Cast on 85 stitches using a double strand of the Pickles Cashmerino Silk on a US circular needle 10. Knit back and forth. Always slip the first stitch instead of knitting it to make the edges neater.

Knit 4 (for the front band ), *kp, 1 k* repeat from *to* until 4 stitches remain.

Continue with the 4 knit stitches in each end, and knit a rib in between for 1.6". AT THE SAME TIME you start making button wholes in the right front band by knitting stitch 2 and 3 together, and then then a YO. Make the first on the forth roa and keep on making buttonwholes like this every 1.6" until you have 6 in total.

After the rib, knit one row where you increase 7 stitches evenly. DON´T increase in the front band stitches. You will now have 92 stitches.

Start the wave pattern, repeat the 8 rows of Cashmerino Silk and 6 rows of Merino throughout the vest. Written explanation under as well as a diagram.

You have already knitted row 1 (where you increased). Start knittin row 2 the first time.

Row 1: Knit all the knit stitches, drop the YO from the previous row off the needle.

Row 2: K4, *K1, YO, K1, YO, K1, YO, K5*, repeat from * to * until 4 stitches reamin. K4.

Row 3, and all odd numbers: Like row 1, but change colour on row 9.

Row 4, 6 and 8: Like row 2

Row 10, 12 and 14: K4, *K5, YO, K1, YO, K1, YO, K1*, repeat from * to * until 4 stitches reamin. K4.

When the piece measures 11.8", you´ll cast off for armwholes like this on the next row (make sure it´s a row with odd numbers): K 23, cast off 4, K 38, cast off 4, K 23.

Knit the left front piece. Keep working in the wave pattern, but start decreasing for the neck. With all the YO in different places, it´s easy to get stuck here. Stitch markers might be a good idea;)

Cast off by knitting knitting the 4 front band stitches like usual, then K2tog. Do this every fourth row 5 times in total, and then every second row 6 times in total. You will have 12 stitches remaining.

Keep on working in the wave pattern without casting off until the piece is 18.1". Cast off loosely.

Knit the back piece in the wave pattern until it is 18.1". Cast off loosely.

Knit the second front piece like the first, but decrease on the same ros as for the other front piece, meaning that you will have to K2tog when 6 stitches remain (2 of the wave pattern and the 4 front band stitches.)

Assemble the shoulders. Single crochet around the arm wholes. Attatch the buttons.