Skirtypants with ruffle vest

Small fashionistas can be quite a challenge to dress as their taste involves skirts and cute details, not so much practical wool wear. We´ve met Stella´s sense of style with these Skirtypants and ruffle vest.

1 (2) 3-4 (5-6) 7-8 years
Size 7-8 for free this time, the rest can be purchased in our shop.

Pickles Extra Fine Merino
MC vest: 150 (200) 200 (250) 300 g
MC skirt: 100 (100) 100 (150) 150 g
2 stripe colours: 50 (50) 50 (100) 100 g of each

24 and 32” circular needles and double pointed needles US 4

21 s, 30 rows

Chest measures flat
11 (11.5) 12 (12.5) 13”

Lenght vest
11 (12) 13 (14) 15 cm”

Waist measured flat
10.5 (11) 11.5 (12) 12.5”

Lenght pants
18 (20) 22 (24) 27”

Work 3 stripes in MC vest and the two stripe colours. Cast on 42 s on double pointed needles and knit garter in the round for about 1.5”.
Continue in stockinette and place marker (PM) at the beginning of the round = the inside of the legs. Increase 1 s on each side of the 2 middle s about every 1.3” until you have increased 14 times. = 70 s. Work until the leg measures 18” and put aside. Make another leg. Knit the two legs together in the following manner: (You can remove the markers now).

Knit leg 1 onto the short circular needle. Make 2 new s on the end of the round by doing backward loops. PM and make 2 more s the same way. Then knit leg 2 onto the same needle. Make 2 s, PM, make 2 s. Continue in stockinette in the round. Decrease 1 s on each side of each marker every 2.nd round 4 times altogether. = 132 s. You have now worked about 4 cm from where you knitted the two legs together. Change to MC skirt and knit one round. Put aside.

Use MC skirt and cast on 264 s on the long circular needle.
Round 1: Purl
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: Purl
Continue in stockinette until the skirt measures 3.2”. On the next round K2tog throughout the round. Purl one round. = 132 s.

Place the skirt on the outside of the pants and knit the two parts together with MC skirt by knitting one s from each needle together throughout the round. (Knit into the first s of the skirt needle, then into the first s from the pants needle and knit them together.)*Work stockinette 3.2” from the last purl round on the skirt and purl one round.* Repeat between * and * 2 times altogether. Then work garter for 3 cm, end with a purl round for the folding edge. Work 1.5” stockinette. Bind off. Fold the edge and sew it down. Make sure the seam is elastic. (Stitch in each s around) Thread an elastic band into the tube. We usually leave an opening to be able to adjust the elastic band as the kid grows.

Cast on 544 s on a circular needle. Work in the round.
Round 1: *K 2 s. Lift the 1st s knitted over the 2nd and off the needle.* Repeat between * and * throughout the round.
Round 2: * K2tog* Repeat between * and * throughout the round. = 136 s. PM at the beginning of the round and after 68 s to mark the sides. Continue in stockinette until the piece measures 8.5”. Bind off 2 s on each side of each marker, 8 s altogether. Put aside.

Cast on 160 s on the other circular needle. Work back and forth:
Row 1: *K 2 s. Lift the 1st s knitted over the 2nd and off the needle.* Repeat between * and * throughout the row.
Row 2: * P2tog* Repeat between * and * throughout the row.

Line up all the parts on the circular needle, make sure everything is the right way. Work in the round. You now have 208 s on the needle. *Work stockinette for 1.8”. On the next round decrease 29 s evenly around. Purl one round*

Repeat between * and * until you have decreased 4 times alltogether. = 92 s. End with 2 cm garter and bind off.