Starstruck shawl

Go etno with this colourful shawl! Our melange coloured yarn Pickles Baby Merino adds an extra dimention to the daisies, and it´s supersoft on your skin too. The shawl is knitted on large needles to make it airy, soft and nice to wear even on warmer days.

Pickles Baby Merino, 400 g
We used:
2 balls Pickles Baby Merino Winter night
2 balls Pickles Baby Merino Lava
2 balls Pickles Baby Merino Nordic sea
2 balls Pickles Baby Merino Pale desert


4"=15 s (daisy)

32" circular needles US 15
The whole shawl is knitted with double strands.
Cast on 5 stitches using Pickles Baby Merino on US 15 needles.

Row 1

Row 2
*K1, make a daisy stitch like this: Purl the first 3 stitches on the needle together, but DON´T slip the stitch off the needle. YO, P3tog one more time (the same stitches as before). Slip the 3 new stitches off the needle*.
Repeat from * to * until 1 s remains. K1.
If the daisy is confusing, take a look at this step-by-step explanation.

Row 3:
Change colour and cast on new 2 stitches at the beginning of the row, knit 1 row, cast on 2 stitches at the end of the row by makiing backward loops.

Row 4:
*K1, make a daisy (like described above)*. Repeat from * to * until 1 stitch remains, K1.

Keep on repeating row 3 and 4 as far as you wish. We made 41 rows of daisies.

A diagram to help:

After the last row of stars, knit one row while you increase one stitch in every stitch by knitting in the back loop and then the front loop of each stitch. You do this to avoid that the shawl is to tight at the top. Cast off.

Make pom-poms in the different colours by winding double strands around a book (about 8 inches long). Wind 1 1/2 times for the side where there are loose ends, and 2 1/2 times for the other side. You can use the loose as part of the pom-pom.
Fold together.
On the side with the loose ends, tie the ends together, and put the loop into the hole.
Push the loop into the hole from the side where you see the daisies.
Pull the ends through the loop and pull.
Use some scissors to make the ends look neat.
And there you go....