Straight on driving accessories

A nice and warm and super soft set for those mornings when the car is ice cold and the windows are frosted. Straight on driving accessories can be made with only knit stitches, so it is a speedy run! The set is made from super soft merino wool from Abuelita, Uruguay. We are warm and comfortable in on óur way and planning to knit more of these for christmas presents.

Mitts: 1 skein of Abuelita Merino Worsted, US 2 ½ and US 4 double pointed needles
Scarf: 2 skeins of Abuelita Merino Worsted, US 13 needles.

Cast on 38 stitches on US  4 needles. Work 8 rows of garter before you start knitting stockinette in the round. Make sure you join the round from the right side. (If you love purling you can of course just knit in the round from the beginning)

Round 1: K, PM after 17 and 22 stitches (there is 4 stitches between the two markers)
Runde 2: K until your first marker. M1. K until next marker, M1 after the marker. (there is still 4 stitches between the two markers)

Continue in stockinette until your piece measures 2 inches. M1 on each side of the markers again. Continue in stockinette until your piece measures 3 inches and repeat the increase again. (M1 on each side of the markers) Knit 4 more rounds. On the fifth round do the following:

K 16 stitches. Place the next 12 stitches (for the thumb) on a spare needle. You can loose the markers now. Cast on 4 new stitches after the 16 stitches, before continuing around the hand. Continue for 1 inch. Switch to US 2 1/2  needles and knit 8 rows of garter stitch. Cast off from the wrong side. (Or on a purl round if you are doing the garter part in the round)

Pick up five stitches between the thiumb and the hand on US 2 ½ needles. Knit 8 rows of garter stitch. Cast off from the wrong side. (Or on a purl round if you are doing the garter part in the round)

Assemble the edges and go!

Cast on 32 stitches on US 13 needles. Knit garter back and forth. Make pom-poms by winding yarn around a piece of carton. Then wind more yarn tight around the top. Cut the other end open. Attach the pom-poms to the scarf and go!

Reader Comments (6)

These look so gorgeous and cosy! Thanks for the pattern ... now I need to learn how to knit : )

november 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterOlivia

I'm new to knitting and thought this would be a good first project. So far, so good...but I'm wondering how do you attach the pom poms? I'm stuck, help!

desember 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNew Knitter

Hi New Knitter, what we did was after making the pom poms, use a needle and thread double yarn through the pom pom from the bottom (inside) and out the top of it. Make a knot first on the end of your yarn to avoid pulling it all the way through. Then twist it quite a lot and thread it through the scarf and back down while you twist it. Since it is twisted it will twist together and set. You will have to help it get right, but it is really difficult to explain, do it as you usually would make a twisted cord. Then make another knot inside the pom pom to secure it.

Was that understandable?

desember 21, 2009 | Registered Commenterpickles

Hi! I'm attempting the mitts and was wondering what the gauge is for the abuelita yarn and the US 4 needles. Thanks!

desember 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

Hi! I was looking for a simple mitt pattern with the right gage and using a small amount of yarn, for a Christmas gift using some beaded Artyarns. Your pattern is perfect; I knit the cuff flat and didn't sew it up to form a split cuff and then sewed a pretty button on the join. They are really beautiful, and mom will be thrilled! Thanks for the pattern, it was just what I needed.

desember 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCleversticks

Thank you for your nice comment Cleversticks :)

desember 27, 2012 | Registered Commenterpickles

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