Striped neck warmer

Knitting with two different Noro yarns makes a really nice look. We’ve tried the same principle with a different yarn. It turned out real nice and was done in a couple of hours.

What you need:
2 balls of yarn in multiple colours, we used Mohair Lux from Schachenmayr.
The black yarn has a lot of different nuances, although it might be hard to see in the photo.
Circular knitting needle 15 mm

How we did it:
Cast on 60 stitches; make sure they’re not too tight!

60 stitches make a double neck warmer. You can pull it over your head twice or use it hanging. If you want a single neck warmer, you might want to cast on 30-35 stitches instead.

We knitted back and forth because we could get away with just knitting the garter stitch…a bit lazy.

At the beginning of every row you slip one stitch. Whenever you change colours, make sure the yarn isn’t too tight, as the piece might end up very uneven in the different ends.

Every second row you change colour, but because you slip one stitch at the beginning of each row, this will look seamless, and there’s no need to cut the ends every time.

We knitted until the piece was 50 cm long.

On the last row before you cast off, we increased one stitch every three stitches. If you don’t the piece will tighten at the top.

Assemble the short ends and keep your neck warm!

This is a free neck warmer knitting pattern from pickles.no. We’ll be thrilled if you use it. Please link to us if you do;)