Timberjack Sweater Jr

We just adore boys in turtleneck sweaters. This raglan sweater is really handsome with a masculine structure. The yarn will felt slightly in use, but it makes the garment warmer, and we like the look.
1 (2-3) 4-5 (6) 8 (10) 12 y
Size 8 for free below, the rest can be bought here.

16” and 32” circular and DP needles US 7 and 9

Abuelita Merino Worsted
200 (200) 300 (400) 400 (500) 500 g

Gauge per 4”
24 s/24 rows in rib on US 7
15 s/22 rows in pattern on US 9

Measurements, lying flat
Chest: 11.4 (13) 14.2 (15) 16.5 (17.3) 18.1”
Length (without neck): 15 (17) 18.1 (18.9) 20 (20.8) 22.4”
Knitted in the round top down.

Cast on 64 s on US 7.
Knit a rib in the round, K2, P2.

After 6.7”, start knitting on US 9 and knit the next round like this:
(Note that you have to place the markers between two knit stitches to make a continous line from the neck to the raglan increase)
K1, place a marker, K1, increase 1 s (lift up the yarn from between your needles, twist it and knit it), K3, place marker, K1, increase 1 s, K 27, place marker, K1, increase 1 s, K3, place marker, K1, increase 1, K 26 =68  s.

Continue in the round following the pattern below:

The pattern is easy with 2 rounds stockinette, 2 rounds rib,  P1, K1, 2 rounds stockinette, 2 rounds reversed rib,  K1, P1.
BUT, as you also do a raglan increase, you need to follow the pattern closely, making sure the new stitches are knitted correctly.

Raglan increase:
Increase round 1:

Increase before and after the markers
(= 8 new s) by knitting thir round:
* K1, M1R (make 1 stitch to the right), knit until 1 s remain before the next marker, M1L (make 1 stitch to the left) , K1*
Repeat from * to * until end of round.

Repeat increase round 1 on every round 12 times in total = 164 s.

Then start increasing only on every second round, and alternate between increase round 1 (as above) and increase round 2 (see under) every time you increase. Start with increase round 2.
Increase on 8 rounds in total (10 of each, increase round 1 and 2) = 212 s.

Increase round 2, increasing just on the sleeve
(= 4 new s).
*Knit 1 s, M1R, continue in pattern intil 1 s remains before the next marker, M1L, K2, continue in pattern until 1 s remains until the next marker, K1*
Repeat from * to * until end of round.
The body
On the next round place all s between the markers marking the sleeves on spare needles or some scrap yarn for later.
Knit the rest of the stitches in the round and continue in the same pattern. Note: Make 3 new s (by making backward loops on the needle) under each sleeve in the first round = 128 s.

Knit until the piece is about 18.5”  and you are about to knit a round in stockinette. Switch to US 7 and knit a rib K2, P2 for about 1.8” before casting off.

Cast on 3 new s under the sleeve by making backward loop in the needle = 48 s.
Knit the sleeve in the round, and continue in the same pattern.
Swap to US 7 when the piece is 11.4” and knit onw round while decreaseing 16 s evenly = 32 s. knit a rib K2, P2 for about 1.8” before casting off.
Knit another sleeve. Sew under the sleeves.

The yarn felts a bit i use.