Troublemaker sweater

This sweater is influenced by the character Lotta (from Astrid Lindgren). It´s knitted with a stitch that makes it really stretchy, and will fit for quite some time. For the boys, the sweater has the length of a normal sweater. For the girls it is more like a tunic.
Girls/Boys: 1 (2) 3/4 (5/6) 7/8 (10) 12 y
Size 10 y for free below. The rest can be bought here.

Pickles Pure Thin Alpaca
Girls: 300 (350) 400 (500) 550 (600) 650 g
Boys: 250 (300) 350 (400) 450 (550) 600 g
We´ve made a lot of kits for this pattern here.

24” or 32” circular and DP needles, US 4 and 8
Gauge per 4”
about 24 s in pattern
(measured flat without stretching it)
30 s in rib-pattern

Width girls/boys:
About 11.8 (13) 14.1 (15) 15.7 (16.5) 17.3”
Length girls (including neck)
About 15,7 (17.2) 19.7 (21.3) 22.8 (24.4) 27.5”
Length boys (including neck)
13.8 (15.7) 17.7 (19.3) 20.9 (22.4) 24”
This projects is knitted bottom-up with two strands Pickles Pure Thin Alpaca.
The sweater is the same for girls/boys except for the length.

The body
Cast on 200 stitches on circular needles US 4.
Knit rib pattern in the round P1, K1
(NOTE: start with P) for 2”.
PM at the beginning of the round and after 100 s to mar the sides.
Swap to circular needles US 8 and repeat these 2 rounds:

Round 1
*K3, P1*
Repeat from * to * til end of round.

Round 2:
P1, K1 *P3, K1*
Repeat from * to * until 2 s remains. P2.

Place markers at the beginning of the round and after 100 s to mark the sides.
Cast off the 3 stitches on a round 1 after each of the markers when the work is about
for the girls: 16.5”
for the boys: 14.5”
= 194 m.
(Both the front- and backpiece should now start end end with a purl-stitch)

Put the work aside.
Cast on 46 stitches on DP needles US 4.
Knit rib pattern in the round K1, P1, for 2”.

Swap to DP needles US 8 and repeat these 2 rounds:
Round 1
K1, P1, K1 for lining under the sleeve.
K1 * P1, K3*
Repeat until 2 stitches remain, P1, K1.

Round 2:
K1, P1, K1 for lining under the sleeve.
*P3. K1*
Repeat until 3 stitches remain, P3.

Increase 1 s on each side of the 3 lining-stitches under the sleeve every 3.5” 3 times in total = 52 stitches.
TIP: Knit the new stitches in pattern-stitch. The first new stitch on both sides will be a knit sticth on every round. The next will be a moss stitch, and the third will be a purl stitch.
Cast off the 3 lining-stitches on a round 1 when the sleeve is 15”
= 49 stitches.

Put the sleeve aside and knit another.

Place one sleeve in each slot where you casted off 3 stitches on the body piece.
Make sure the cast off-edges on the sleeves and the body piece are facing eachother.
= 292 stitches.
PM between all transistions between the body piece and the sleeves = 4 markers.
Continue knitting in the pattern already created, but ALWAYS knit the stitch before and after each marker (K2)

On every second round you´ll decrease on each side of each marker like this:
Knit until 3 s remains until the marker, SSK, K2, K2tog.
=8 s decreased on the round.

When you have knitted 22 rounds of decreasing in total you´ll have 116 stitches.
Use US needles 4 and knit rib pattern.
K1, P1.
MAKE SURE that the knit stitch comes directly over the knit stitch in the pattern.
ALSO, on the first round K2tog when 1 stitch remain before each marker= 4 stitches decreased.

Cast off after 2” of rib pattern. Make sure to cast off loosely enough for the head to fit. If there is room, cast off tighter rather than looser, as the fitting will be nicer.

Sew under the sleeves.