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This yarn is the softest in our range, and the easiest to knit nice and evenly with. It is loosely spun and can be used on everything from tightly-knitted projects on thin needles, to airy garments. The yarn is made from the very soft fibers (those found on the innermost part of the sheep’s fleece), and as with all untreated wool fibers, some pilling will occur. This is due to the phenomenal lightness and softness. Excess fibers can be removed easily by clipping off any pills a few times, after which the fibers will settle. The advantage of it is that it is 100% itch-free - absolutely guaranteed! The wool is certified as mulesing-free.

Sept 2017 - Pickles Merino Worsted replaces Abueltia Merino Worsted. The qualities are identical and you may receive either.

100% Merino Wool

Merino Worsted

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