Our exclusive year-rounder is a classic in its own right: lovely against warm skin in the summer, and just warm enough when winter comes around. The yarn is produced in Italy, where the fibers are cut with specialised scissors, resulting in a yarn with short fibers (the so-called “plucking” method is not practised in this production facility). As the fibers are short, the yarn can shed a little while it’s still on your needles and during the first few wears. Eventually, however, the fibres will settle, and shedding will decrease. If you want to avoid shedding, we recommend knitting this yarn on quite thin needles, so the fibres are caught in the stitches, which is how we tend to use this yarn. The palette is muted and harmonic, and will add a hint of exclusivity to any project.

70% Angora / 20% Nylon / 10% Wool

Pickles Angora

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