Hello New York Winter Kit

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When our good friend took off to NY for a semester abroad we made her this soft and warm kit so she’d remember us.

Yarn: Pickles Extra Fine Merino: Scarf: 250 g. Hat and mittens: Main color: 150 g + Stripe color: 50 g | Needles: Scarf: Circular needles any length US 15. Hat: 16” circular needles and DP needles US 10. Mittens: US 10 | Gauge per 4”: Stockinette on US 10 with double strands: 16 s / 24 rows. Pattern on US 15 with double strand: 9 s / 16 rows | Measurements: Scarf: 71” long. Hat: 10.6” tall. Hat circumference: Very stretchy, will fit all head sizes. Mittens, length: 10”. Mittens, width: 3.8”