Pickles Merino Worsted

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Uneven knitting is impossible with this yarn! Pickles Merino Worsted is our softest yarn, completely itch free. The yarn gives defined stitches, and is well suited for stitch patterns. We often use it together with a strand Pickles Silk Mohair.


Our softest merino!

Merino wool. Pickles Merino Worsted is lightly spun by a simple strand of merino wool. This gives the yarn a lovely, chunky look, with defined stitches perfect for stitch patterns. Garments knitted in this yarn are unusually soft, and will last for years with a little care. Since the merino fibres are thin and soft, the garments might pill a little. If this happens, you can remove the pill easily with your fingers, and the garment will be as new. A single strand of the yarn works perfectly for needle 4 mm / US 6 to 6 mm / US 10, or you could combine it with another thread and use up to 9 mm / US 13 needles. It is wonderful to knit with, and glides over the needles like a dream.

Tjukk Merino: 100% merino from Peru Tjukk Merino Tweed: Tjukk Merino Tweed: 85% Merino 10,5% Wool 4,5% Viscose| 100 g hanks (must be unwinded) | 200 m / 218 y | Knitted on 4.5-5.5 mm / US 7-9 | Gauge for 10 cm/ 4"= 16-24 s s | Hand wash

Patterns and yarn kits

Pickles Merino Worsted is well suited for patterns knitted on 4 mm/US 6 - 6 mm/US 10 needles, depending on wanted structure. We have a lovely palette of fresh and bright colors, some more dusty colors and heathered natural colors. If you are unsure whether Pickles Merino Worsted is suitable for your project, you can send us an email or a DM on Instagram, and we´ll help you!

Here you´ll find all our patterns and yarn kits in Pickles Merino Worsted.

We recommend hand washing garments in cold or luke warm water, but you can put it on a spin cycle afterwards (please make sure that you do not use a rinse cycle, only spin cycle) to extract water. Then lay the garment flat on the floor and stretch/block it in the shape you want. The garment will dry in a few hours.