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  • Additional information
    • Sku: PRO_varmnok-pannebaand

    One size

    Choose between:
    Pickles Big Balls, 200 g (enough for making wrist warmers)
    Pickles Cozy, three strands, 100 g

    DP needles US 15

    Gauge per 4”
    Stockinette on US 15: 9 s / 11 rows
    Brioche on US 15: 7 s / 16 rows

    Measurements, lying flat
    The head band is stretchy and will fit all head sizes.
    If you want to make it an exact fit follow the tip in the

    Wrist warmers, width, 3” (will stretch when in use)
    Wrist warmers length: 4”


Warm Enough Head Band

Some days are just a little bit chilly. This head band is perfect for those warm Winter days, or colder days during Spring and Fall.

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