Cool Kid Hooded Hat

Mum grew tired of the hat-on/hat-off-game, and made a hat that's impossible to get off. This hooded hat also serves as a cowl and keeps head, neck and face warm.

6-12 m (1-2) 3-4 years

13 and 32" circular needles US 8 (and 32" US 13 for casting on)

Gauge per 4"
14 s in garter stitch

Pickles Extra Fine Merino
100 (150) 150 g main colour
50 g pattern colour

Start at the bottom. Knit the whole project using double strands.

Cast on 80 (88) 96 stitches in the main colour on circular needles US 13 for a loose cast on edge (or a needle-size close to US 13).
Start knitting garter stitch in the round with circular needles US 8 (Knit one round, purl one round)
Use the pattern colour to make some stripes where you feel like it.

K2tog for the entire round when the piece is 3.9 (3.9) 4.3"
= 40 (44) 48 stitches.

Continue in rib pattern, K2, P2 for about 1.6 (1.6) 2".
On the next round K 16 (18) 20 s in rib-pattern, cast off 8 s, K 16 (18) 20 s in rib pattern.
Cut the yarn.

Place marker where you´ve cut the yarn (end of the original round, as this is where you´ll increase for the back of the head). Slip all stitches on the left needle on to the right needle.
Start knitting in garter stitch back and forth from the wrong side (knit stitches only).

K2tog at the beginning and end of every second row 2 (2) 3 times in total = 4 (4) 6 s decreased = 28 (32) 34 s.

AT THE SAME TIME, increase on every second row for the back of the head like this:
Knit in est. pattern until 1 stitch remains before the marker, make 1 right, knit 1 stitch past the marker, make 1 left, knit in est pattern until the end of row.
When you've increased on 8 rows i total (= 44 (48) 50 s), continue in garter stitch.
When the hood is about 5.1 (5.5) 5.5" from where the rib pattern ended increase 1 stitch at he beginnning avd end of the row. Repeat this every 0.4" until you´ve knitted 2 (2) 3 rows like this in total = 4 (4) 6 new stitches.
When the piece is about 6.3 (6.7) 7.1 " from where the rib pattern ended knit until the marker.
Fold the hood in two (right side out) and assemble using kitchener's stitch, garter method (look this up one youtube if unfamiliar with it).

Pick up 60 (64) 68 s around the opening for the face using the pattern colour. Knit rib pattern, K2, P2 for about 1 (1.2) 1.4". Cast off loosely enough for the face to fit.
The yarn and technique will make the garnment stretch when used.