Light sweater

A super simple sweater. Light as a feather and with a sophisticated fade between two silk mohair colours at the top. Knitted bottom-up.
XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
XXL for free below, the other sizes can be bought here.

Abuelita 3-ply Merino, 100 (200) 200 (200) 300 (300) g
Pickles Silk Mohair main colour, 50 (50) 50 (75) 75 (100) g
Pickles Silk Mohair  pattern colour 25 g

32” circular needles and DP needles US 9 and 11

Gauge per 4”
13 s stockinette
16 s rib

Measurements (measured flat)
Chest: 18.1 (20.5) 22.5 (24.8) 26.7 (29.1)”
Bottom: 14.6 (17) 18.5 (20) 22 (23.6)”
Length: 20.8 (21.7) 22.4 (23.2) 24 (24.8)”

The body
The whole sweater is knitted with 2 strands, 1 Abuelita 3-ply and 1 Pickles Silk Mohair.We started with the lightest version of the mohair.

Cast on 194 stitches on circular needles US 9.

Place marker (PM) at the beginning of the round and after 97 s to mark the sides of the sweater.
Knit rib-pattern, K 1 in the back loop, P1, for 1.2”.
Continue in stockinette on US 11 until the piece is 14.5”.
Cast off 4 sttches in each side, 2 s on each side of the marker = 186 s.
Put the piece aside.

Cast on 58 s on DP needles US 9.
Knit rib-pattern, K 1 in the back loop, P1, for 1.2”.
Continue in stockinette on US 11 until the piece is 12.2”.
Cast off the the firste 2 and last 2 stitches on the round.
= 54 s.
Put the piece aside and knit another sleeve.

Raglan decrease
Place one sleeve in each of the slots where you casted off on the body piece = 294 s in total.
PM between the transitions between the sleeves and the body piece, 4 in total.

On every second round you´ll decrease like this at all 4 markers:
Knit until you´re 3 s away from the markere, SSK, P2, K2tog. = 8 s decreased on each round.

Start the fading from the maincolour (MC) to the pattern colour (PC) after 1 round of decreasing.

Use the colours like this on the next rounds:
1 rund PC, 1 round MC, 2 rounds PC, 2 round MC, 1 round PC, 2 rounds MC, 3 rounds PC, 1 round MC: After the last round, continue in the pattern colour until you´re done.

When you´ve decreased on 25 rounds in total you´ll have 94 s.
Knit one round on US 9, before starting the rib pattern on the next round, K 1 in the back loop, P1, for 1.2”.
Cast off pretty firmly.
Sew under the sleeves.