Maltes Winter Kit

A soft and yet stretchy Winter kit. The cardigan is easy to knit, the hat has a perfect fit, and the booties for the two smaller sizes are extra long.

0-6 (6-9 m) 1 (2 y)
Size 2 y for free below. The rest can be bought here.

Yarn for the whole kit
(2 strands of) Pickles Extra Fine Merino
150 (200) 250 (300) g main colour
50 g of 4 different pattern colours

13 and 32” circular and DP needles US 9

Gauge per 4”
15 stitches
About 32 rows in garter stitch

Width cardigan: 9 (10.6) 12.2 (13)”
Length cardigan: About 11.4 (12.6) 14.1 (15.7)”

Garter stitch:
In the round:
Knit 1 round, purl 1 round

Back and forth:
Knit all stitches

The cardigan is knitted top down, back and fort, with double strands.
Cast on 50 stitches loosely on circular needles US 9.
We used one strand of main colour and alternated the other strand between the different pattern colours (2-6 rows of each colour) We swapped colour from the wrong side to get the preferred effect.

Knit 14 rows.
BUT, knit button holes like this after the first 4 rows, and every 20 rows after that:
K3, YO, K2tog, knit until the end of the row.

Increase 34 stitches evenly on the next row. (We recommend lifting up the strands between two stitches, twist it 180 degrees, put it on the left needle and knit it)
Never increase/derease over the 6 first and last stitches, as these make the front bands.

Knit 11 rows
Increase 26 stitches evenly on the next row.

Knit 13 rows
Increase 28 stitches evenly on the next row.

Knit 11 rows
Increase 30 stitches evenly on the next row.
= 168 stitches.

Start knitting in stockinette in main colour only (2 strands).

BUT, the front band stitches (6 first and 6 last) should still be knitted in garter stitch. Remember the button holes.

Knit 1.6” in stockinette.
On the next row from the right side
K 28) stitches, place 31 stitches on some scrap yarn for sleeves, cast on 6 extra stitches under the sleeve by making backward loops,
K 50 stitches, place 31 stitches on some scrap yarn for the other sleeve, cast on 6 stitches under the sleeve, K 28 stitches.

Continue in stockinette until the cardigan is about 14.6” from where you increased the first time.
On the last row from the right side,
decrease 8 stitches evenly by knitting 2 together.
Knit 10 rows in garter stitch, and cast off.

Cast on 6 extra stitches under the sleeve = 37 s. Continue in stockienette and decrease 1 stitch on each side of the first and last stitch of the round every 1.6” 4 times in total =  29 stitches.

Knit 10 rows of garter stitch when the sleeve is 7.9”. Cast off. Knit the other sleeve.
Sew the holes under the sleeves together.

Cast on 54 stitches with double strands using circular needles US 9.
Knit 2 rows garter stitch back and forth.
You should now knit and turn to make air flaps.

K 11, turn and knit until the end of the row (If you´re unfamiliar with turning try looking it up on, as there will be holes if you don´t do it right:)).
*Knit one more stitch than what you did last time before turning, turn and knit
until the end of the row.*
Repeat 8 times in total.

Knit until you´re on the opposite side and repeat the paragraph above to make an identical air flap.

Start knitting in the round.
Knit 8 rounds in garter stitch.
Start knitting in stockinette. We knitted 3 rounbds of each colour. Start decreasing after about 4.7” of
Round 1: * K 4, K2tog*
Repeat from * to *.
Round 2: Knit

Repeat the 2 rounds above, but substract one stitch where it says K4 for every
When there are no more stitches left to decrease between each K2tog, K2tog on all stitches on the next round.
Tighten the remaining stitches with a
tapestry needle.