The Oslo Anorak

The Oslo-Anorak knitted single stranded in Abuelita Merino Worsted
The Oslo-Anorak knitted double stranded with a combination of cotton and alpaca.

An urban anorak. Slightly A-shaped with a useful hood for colder days, the fit in general suits both boys and girls. Knitted bottom up. Choose to knit it single stranded in merno wool or double stranded with cotton and alpaca.
6/12 m (1/2 y) 3/4 y (5/6 y) 7/8 y
6/12 m for free below this time. The other sizes can be bought here.

Colder days:
Abuelita Merino Worsted, 200 (200) 200 (300) 300  g
Abuelita Merino Worsted Multi, 100 (200) 200 (300) 300  g

Warmer days:
A combination of Pickles Thin Organic Cotton, 200 (250) 300 (400) 450  g
and Pickles Pure Thin Alpaca, 100 (150) 150 (200) 250  g

31.5”  circular needles (+ 23.6” for the two smaller sizes) and DP needles US 8

Gauge per 4”
14 s in stockinette

Measurements, lying flat
Chest: 11 (13) 14.6 (15.7) 17”
Length: 12.2 (15.7) 17.7 (19.7) 21.6”
Garter stitch in the round:
Knit 1 round, purl 1 round
Garter stitch back and forth: Knit

The body piece
Cast on 92 s (using solid colour in Abuelita Worsted (AW) for the Winter version, or one strand cotton and one strand alpaca for the more Summery version) and circular needles US 8.
Place markers (PM) at the beginning of the round, after 46 s (marking the sides) and again after 69 s, marking the middle back.

Knit garter stitch in the round for 6 rounds in total.

Make the garment longer in the back.
Do this on a round with knit-stitches.
Knit until you are 4 s past the marker in the back, turn, knit until you are 4 s past the marker in the back, turn

Repeat the previous paragraph 5 times in total, but add 4 s for every repetition (i.e. 8 s next time)

Knit garter stitch in the round for 5 rounds in total.

Purl 1 round. (For AW: Switch to multi-colour)
Continue in stockinette.
Decrease in each side after 2”, and then again every 2”, “ 3 times in total (including the first one).
Knit the decrease round like this:
K1, K2tog, knit until 3 s remain before the marker in the other side, SSK, K2, K2tog, knit until 3 s remain of the round, SSK, K1.

Cast off 4 stitches in each side (2 s on each side of the markers in the side) when the piece is about 7.8” measured in the front (and you´re done decreasing). Put the piece aside.

Cast on 22 s.
Knit garter stitch in the round for the next 10 rounds.
Knit 1 round and increase 6 s evenly.
(For AW: Switch to multi-colour)
Continue in stockinette.
Increase 1 s on each side of the 2 stitches right under the sleeve.
Increase like this this every 1.3” until you´ve increased 4 times in total = 36 s.
Cast off the 4 s right under the sleeve when the piece is 7” = 32 s. Knit another sleeve.

Raglan decrease
Place all parts onto the same circular needles = 136 s.
Start the row from the beginning of the front piece and start knitting back and forth in garter stitch (For AW: Use solid colour).
Knit 1 row, and PM in all transitions between sleeves and the body piece (4 in total, the last at the end of the row). Make 6 new stitches after the last marker by making backwoard loops. ALWAYS purl the s right after the last marker from the right side to make a visible border for the front band. The new stitches will make the front band. Knit 1 row.

Start the reaglan decrease, alternate row 1 and 2 every time you knit from the right side, and knit all s from the wrong side.)
!!! NOTE: Just leave the marker in the middle back, and do not decrease here, this is for the hood later on!!!
NOTE: Knit a button hole after about 1.2” and every 1.2”  3 times in total.
Knit the button hole like this:
Knit until 3 s remain on a row from the right side, YO, K2tog, K1.

Decreasing row 1:
K1, K2tog *Knit until 3 s remain from the next marker, SSK, K2, K2tog*
Repeat from * to * until 3 s remain before the last marker.
SSK, K1, P1, knit the rest of the s.

Decreasing row 2:
Knit until you are 1 s past the marker on the first sleeve, K2tog, knit until 3 s remain until the next m, SSK.
Repeat on the other sleeve.

After 11 rows of decreasing in total, repeat decreasing row 1 three more times (You decrease 8 places on the 4 last rows of decreasing) = 50 s.

Knit 6 rows in garter stitch.
Cast off the first stitches on the front piece, leaving 6 s before the first marker.

Drop all markers except the one in the middle back. (Stop purling the one s by the last marker here):
The remaining 38  s makes the hood.
Increase in the middle back on every row from the right side like this:
Knit until 1 s remains before the marker, M1R (increase 1). K2, M1L (increase 1).

When you have increased on 6 rows in total = 50 s, continue knitting in garter stitch.
Assemble with kitchener´s stitch at the top then the hood is about 7”.

Sew the bottom flip of the front band to the body piece. Assemble under the sleeves.